I Hate Cardio - July 6


Good morning!

Well, I did my Kathy Kickbox and ate my banana protein pancake. Mmm! Today I tried it out with half oatmeal and half All-Bran and it was a nice change. I'm sure you're all excited to hear that news flash. :)

Good Lawd, the DOMS I have in my chest and arms from yesterday's Gym (and extracurricular activities ;) ) made me take out Stretchmax and do the ball one. Ahh. Love that hanging over the ball stuff.

I've been researching my barley :D . I mean, on the internet, that is. At the store I had it down to rolled barley and whole barley, according to the Japanese kanji, and what I bought seems to be pearl barley. I wanted to get hulled (or was it husked? No, no, it must be hulled) because that one is apparently better for you,...but with the photo charts from Michele's link, I'm fairly sure it's pearl. Of course, I was so preoccupied with buying the actual barley, I didn't buy anything else from Michele's barley recipe x( , so I was sort of looking around on the internet...came across something called "Sheep's Head and Barley." But um, uh, I uh, don't think a full sheep head is available over here :* .

Do you think making it with water, onions, garlic powder, and other....powders and herbs...might be....passable LOL?

P.S. Oh, Janjan, I did an exchange when I was in school and loved Japan...so that's what brought me back. I just love living here.
Good morning Ladies!

Hi August! Are there ANY sheep over there? I've never had barley except in soup. I'll have to look into this stuff.
My DH is going away for 4 months so I'll be able to eat "super"clean again unlike now.x( I do good all week then tank on the weekends. Working out is my saving grace.

I'm doing Circuit Max today. I like that one. It goes by pretty quickly. It's beautiful outside. The humidity broke (just for today they say) and it's actually chilly. Don't think the boys will want to go in the pool today!

What's everyone doing today? Hope you're all well.


Hello ladies:

August...where were you last night??? I actually went to bed early, I had enough school crap last night. I swear my brain is on overload and it is so overloaded it is starting to just shut down...not good....got to get out of the slump......

Ok, I have another rec for barley, but I don't know if you will be able to find the stuff over there. It is really simple, it is a chicken chili. Got it off the box and can we say yummy and oh so healthy!

Today is PT day #1! Yeah!! so excited to get this knee working again!
I will report back on how it goes.

Ok, I have got to go and clean my house and get ready for PT.

I will be back to say hi to everyone after PT!

Good morning girls!!

I Have Total Body Sculpting today and I might work in a Leslie Sansone Cardio. Yesterday, instead of a DVD, I just made up a cardio work out. I ran up and down my steps and did walking lunges. I'm really surprised that I don't have DOMS from all those lunges. My endurance is quite a bit improved from 2 months ago:) . I'm also making great progress on my push ups:).

August, I would probably forego the sheep's head:eek: , but I think you can add any veggie to the barley you like. I'm sure any pasta salad recipe would work with it. I adore it with the cherry tomatoes, though. I want to get stretchmax. I only have Total Body Stretching and I like it but it's too easy for me. Believe it or not, I am good at stretching--lol! Really, flexibility is my strong suit. I haven't tried you pancake yet. I LOVE pancakes but rarely make them because it's such a hassle to dig my griddle out of the bottom of the pantry--lol!

Kali, we're having great weather here in Ohio, too. I'm so glad...the high humidity was just too much to bear. It's supposed to heat back up over the weekend but the humidity will remain low. I'm with you on trying to improve my eating. I tend to have a problem with late afternoons and evenings. I was doing really well by keeping a large stock of fresh cut fruits and veggies in the fridge but got off track when we had family visiting for the past month. I just restocked my fridge so hopefully this will curb my otherwise poor snack choices. Good luck with circuit max. I'm doing the Official Beginner rotation but I don't know what to do once I'm finished with that. I'm kind of a klutz and not very good with difficult choreography so I'm not sure which DVD's I want to buy next. I'd like to buy enough for a new rotation.

Janjan, good luck with your PT! Let us know how it goes.

Dana, Kate, Diane...what are you guys up to today?

I'll be back.... :)
Welcome Kali. To answer your questions from yesterday: My girls are 6 and 10. I do use heavy weights (well, heavy for me) on all weight workouts. I cannot build muscle, I guess, because I am so tall and my muscles are too long for building. Oh well.
Anyway, I wonder if you knew this about cardio...you won't read this anywhere unless you really dig because all the cardio lobbyists have worked to keep it out of history books. During the days of Tower of London, the worst offenders were sent to the dungeon to do an hour of daily cardio. They often used this in lieu of chopping the heads off. And I suppose it was quite successful. I often think during cardio, that I would just like to end it all, but I think of my family and figure that I must go on with the remaining 30 minutes of stepping or kickboxing or whatever. Of course, this way of punishment has been banished due it being cruel and unusual.
Anyway, today I am doing Imax 2 and some abs and some stretching. Imax 2 is better than the usual cardio (ha!).
Barley, I don't think I have ever eaten it!!!
See ya all later.
Hi Everyone -

August you completely crack me up.

I woke up late again today. Sleep is just too hard to resist. I need to work on getting to bed earlier, but I was working until 10:30 and needed some downtime before bed. I will be working late again tonight, yuck.

Ok I have to get back to work so I will drop by later.
Hey there!

Kali - Haha, yes on sheep, no on sheep heads. Or at least I've never looked in the grocery for them, so I might just be wrong. How is Circuit Max? That's one I don't have.

Janjan - I was here! I kept logging on to see if there were any new messages but felt so lonely to find nothing :( ! Chicken chili? I need my recipes to be very basic. Remember, I'm rather lame in that department, don't have an oven and don't have chicken stock ;) . Okay, what the heck is PT?

Michele - Oh my gosh, you are so funny to "make up" your own cardio! That takes some oomph! I'm totally flexible, too. I wish there was some kind of advanced stretching tape. I can totally put my face down on my knees without even a wince. Not very attractive though, so I don't really do it in front of anybody :p .

Kate - I envy you - tall, ecto and straight hair. Could it get any better?! Hey, during the days of Tower of London, I guess they could have used the Sheep Head with Barley recipe LOL.
Hey, Diane! You posted while I was writing!

And too funny, at first I read your post as : Sheep is just too hard to resist.

Hi Guys.

Well I didn't feel like doing Circuit Max so I did Firm it Up by Beachbody, and upper body. NO CARDIO! :eek:

How was PT Janjan? What happened to your knee? If you don't mind me asking.

Hi Michele! Way to go on your progress! I hate when I do something that I think will give me DOMS and I don't get them. We'll have to work on our eating together.

August, Circuit Max is a good workout. Not one of my favorites tho. Guess I would've done it if it was. Lol!

Hope you're having a good day Diane!

Kate are you serious about that stuff?? I have to admit I do feel the same way sometimes during a cardio workout. I actually felt pretty good today not doing it! What's happening to me??? I have 2 boys 8, and almost 7. We are about to do some math and writing practice so they don't forget everything they learned this past year!!

Have a good afternoon everyone!

Guys..I am at a loss for words over PT..it really sucked. So boring and nothing accomplished. Not happy. I was all excited to start, yeah, not!

While my PT was nice, I am not looking for nice in PT I am looking to work and work hard. She seemed to miss that part.

Worst part, 3x's a week for 4 weeks at $25 a pop..not happy about that either.

Uh...uh...uh....hopefully it will get better, but let me tell you I am going to work hard myself to get this knee back in shape!

How is everyone today?

Kali..ommm...you need to go and do your cardio. Don't make me crack the whip! I am ordering IMAX2 for you today. Drs orders, Dr janjan that is!

Ok, now I am off to do my cardio and GS Bic and Tri's

I just woke up.

I was wrong about my fasted HIIT petering out from week to week. From today it came to a screeching halt x( ! Why torture myself, right? I mean, I'm already doing my pushup challenge and keeping my kitchen clean challenge, and a girl can only take so much. :)

Kate - Oh nice, an ecto with curves!

Kali - too funny. So you opted for a non-cardio, eh? Well, there are people who say that lifting heavy is a form of cardio because your heart rate gets up there. In essence, you can lie to yourself and say that you've done your cardio. :)

Jana - Okay, PT means...part-time job? Pink Tank Top? No, that would be PTT. You up and studying?

I'm trying to down my steel cut oats right now. Ick. They've been soaking in soy milk for two days and they're still ick. I've got to find a better way to get rid of those things. But you know, weird thing - this week I switched from having a morning smoothie to eating these suckers for breakfast and I think they've been what's been helping me keep full during the day and not be wavering on that starving feeling I'd been having since starting up BFFM. However, I think part of the reason they've been making me feel full is because......I don't think I'm actually DIGESTING these crappy oats! Can anyone say B-L-:eek: -A-T?

So where are the rest of you guys? And where is Dana?! We haven't seen you in a while and you're starting to worry me! Check in right this instant, young woman!
Physical trainer silly...it's only 7:18 right now so studying has not yet begun. DD goes to be around 8-8:30 and she is being a pill today. Crabby baby, uh...

Yeah, I am with you on the steel cut oats, I just can't get into them either..you gave up the pancake?

what do you do for a living over there? if you don't mind me asking?
Ah! PT! Got it! Train me train me!

Man, how good would it be to have a personal trainer...

Oh, heaven's NO, I'd never give up on my beloved pancake! I have my pancake as my post-cardio meal to keep me happy and delighted with high heart rates and sweat. I bought the steel cut oats in a big round tin after reading about how awesome it is for your body while being "so much more delicious than regular oatmeal."

I LOVE oatmeal.

So out I ran and got a tin from the import store. Made it and made a MONGO mess on my stove top. Made it again and made a MONGO mess in my microwave. Made it and finally ate it, and that's when I realized the reason I like oatmeal is because it's goopy (like raw brownie mix - goopy :) but I don't eat that stuff any more, of course). I just cannot understand what is up with everyone loving steel cut so much. It is totally beyond me. I thought about throwing the tin out, but that just didn't seem right, either. So now I'm plowing my way through it.

As for what I do over here, I do vocal work, that's why my hours can be so sketchy.

So has your DD settled down some?
Yeah she finally fell asleep about 7:45. Yeah! She is just cranky these days. The weather has been crazy again, its hot and humid and rainy which causes all the allergy to act up. I know I feel yicky today. I think it might be bothering her, not sure. Either that or teeth.

I love oatmeal too, so yummy. My friend who is trying to loose a few lbs was telling me what she ate during the day, girl she puts margin and brown sugar in her oatmeal...I was shocked and on the floor when she told me that. She was saying "oh yeah I love oatmeal" and then I asked her how she made it and she told me that....can you believe?
I explained to her she won't loose any weight putting all that garbage in it and told her to try the pancake, she thought it was gross. My mom did too when she was here. I told them they are nuts, it is soooooo good.

I did the same thing with the steel cut oats, I made myself eat all of them. I think I might try them again just to see if I can make them taste any better. I will report back with my findings!

BTW-ummm..yeah guilty on the raw brownie mix.....shhhh...don't tell anyone.....it's just between us ok....}( }( }(
Hey there,

Oh man, allergies suck to high heaven. So do painful teeth. ;) I'd be crabby, too.

That oatmeal story is funny. Actually, last night I was looking on the Quaker Oats homepage for oatmeal recipes (since recently I've only been eating my oats raw in smoothies or in pancakes and suddenly realized I could be eating goop) but all the recipes called for like 3/4 cup packed brown sugar. Well no duh that's gonna taste good x( ! I can see how your brown sugar/margerine friend would find a sugarless pancake awful. Haha. Gotta wean I guess. Your poor mother must have been like, girl, what are you eating?

If it wasn't international, I'd gladly send you my tin of steel cut oats. But dang, if you find a good way to eat them, tell me ASAP.
You know me, I always play around with food to try and make it healthy and taste good. I love to eat broc, but it must be steamed with lemon and a few sprinkles of parma cheese. I made my fiesta turkey burgers today, oh so yummy. If you like bell peppers (I love them!) take a green one, red one, and a yellow onion chop them up small add turkey meat, worch...(can't remember how to spell the rest) sauce and some garlic mix it together and cook them on a grill pan, oh so friggin yummy! Got to try those it you like bell peppers. Oh yeah forgot the red pepper flakes too, give it a little kick...yummy...
That way you get some veggies and protein, know what I mean.

That sticky rice you keep talking about sounds really, really good.
Can you fed ex me some?
I just finished my Gym BSB (my last post was midway :D ). Smoothie time! And it's my high day, so I get an extra big serving }( .

There really are so many great tasting healthy foods, aren't there? Now if I could just have a personal chef to cook them up for me. Heh. But actually, my food, as it has become healthier, has become a lot more simple. I love broc, too. Mmm, lemon and parma cheese on steamed sounds good. Now I've got to get me some lemon. And parma :) .

Your turkey burgers sound great, too, but I'm not so sure I can find the turkey so easily over here. Could be kept with the sheep heads. I haven't seen 'em. Ooh, love red pepper flakes.

The sticky rice is nothing to get too excited about, unless you love sweet red bean paste (which I do)...and I do still have them sometimes on cheat day. ;-) Why not come visit Japan and I'll take you for some good fresh stuff!

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