I can kind of do step?!!


Hey Everyone,
I haven't been online much since school started back in August but I was so excited I wanted to share. I was able to do a step combo, one of the ones from C&Ws I think (I should have looked it up before I posted) without messing up. True it was like the 5th time the sequence was repeated but never the less..success. Sorry if this seems silly....but I have hurt myself so many times tripping and hopping trying to do her step videos I thought I was beyond hopeless. But I guess there maybe so hope out there after all!! I was so excited I did this segment 3 more times after ward, but still managed to mess it up, but one success is enough for me today!
:7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7


Angel, congrats! I definitely KNOW that feeling. I used to avoid Cathe step at all cost because it looked so complicated and I am, well, sort of "klutzy." :) I am now a total step junkie!! Cathe step is awesome and fun, once you get the basic moves down.

I would recommend getting the "Basic Step" DVD if you can, or else one of the earlier workouts, like Cardio Hits. Basic Step IS very basic, but Cathe really explains the moves well and it is a great way to get used to her style. Her older stuff like Cardio Hits is also broken down far more than the later workouts, so it makes it easier all around.

Congrats, and good luck!!



oh no angel its not silly at all. i called hubby at work one day when i finally finished Rhythmic Step without tripping it(that third combo always got me for some reason). its a big accomplishment to defeat the combo that will always trip you up. way to go.
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Hooray! You should brag! It feels so good once you get those steps down! Keep at it and you'll be doing the whole thing without problem in no time! :) :)


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