I am such a cry baby


So, my kids are off for fall break next week and DH just told me that he and the boys are flying to MN for a week. I can't go because I am stuck at home with 7 dogs (I have my friend's dogs for a week while she went on vacation) plus I can't get off work on such short notice.

Of course, I will miss them but at least I can get some stuff done around the house that I otherwise wouldn't since I am just barely keeping up with cleaning up behind the messypoos ;)

But ever since 9/11 I am totally freaked out about them going on an airplane. So I am sitting here with a knot in my stomach and trying to fight back tears :eek: I know this is totally irrational but still .......

Someone please knock some sense into me.
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Miss Lee


I know just how you feel. My DH travels a lot and I worry every.single.time. he boards a plane. I actually monitor the flight online so that I know exactly when it takes off and when it lands. How sick is that!? I've always been a little afraid of flying, but 9/11 just about pushed me over the edge. I still fly, but I HATE it!

Sorry, not much help, but I can at least empathize with you. ;)


also {{{{Carola}}}} to you... while I am fairly new to the Cathe forums, I have read your posts with great interest and feel a sort of kinship with you with respects to your/our love of aussies! :D

AND this should be a "NO KNOCKING" zone! :) IMHO it simply confirms that you LOVE your family and obviously do not want them to be hurt! :) as most wives/mothers do!

I suppose that you already know the statistics of traveling by car vs. airplanes, so you see your family is actually safer traveling by air than by driving to MN... while I'm not sure that all the additional airport screening measures really make airtravel that much safer, it still remains (in general) a safe mode of transportation.

You should also commended on your ability to keep your cool in light of the fact that it sounds like DH sorta sprung this on you at the last minute... I think I'd be a bit peeved over that one... I hate to be left behind, as my now DH used to leave for 5 months each summer for his work in Alaska as a lodge manager and fly fishing guide... A week will be a piece of cake for you! as you said, just think of all the stuff you will get accomplished! You will have your furbabies to keep you on your toes!

I can't even imagine what the military families must go through with their SO's being gone for even longer periods of time. My hearts truly go out to those who are left behind... what can you say to make it better...

You will always have your CatheNation homies to keep you company! ;) so hang in there knowing that everything will be all right and they will be home soon enough and you might even enjoy the time off!


I empathize as well. My husband just went on a trip for work a couple of weeks ago, from Chicago to Toronto, and I was anxious until he checked in from the ground both ways.

It will be fine. ((hug)) :)

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