I am gaining unnecessary weight! :(



I am 3 1/2 months pregnant. I've never been pregnant before and haven't expected all these weird sensations. My clothes are becoming so tight on me. Before I got PG I was doing Cathe's KPC & MIC, the Firm and Tae Bo. When I found out I was pg I stopped and became a fearful couch potato.

1.) Can I still do these types of videos?
2.) I don't expect to lose weight but can I still make fitness gains?
3.) Can I, at least, get tight during my pregnancy?

thanks in advance!


Pregnancy should come with a warning-will cause weight gain!
1. You can still use your videos, just modify if you need to. After a while, the body just won't jump. I think you will do the best with your firms and tae bo videos.
2. pregnancy is usually seen as a time to maintain, not improve fitness, but you will feel better once you resume exercise.
3. You may tone up a bit but beware, despite great efforts, the body often stores fat during pregnancy in the thighs and buns

But...exercise will help you control weight gain and will help you resume prepreggo shape. I exercised right through pregnancy #1 and had an easy labor and got my shape back within a few months.

Congrats and come join us on the moms to be check in.
Due 5/29 with dd#2.


also, remember, what feels unnecessary to you may be necessary to baby, esp depending what sort of shape and body fat you had going in. when do you ever see a lean pregnant woman? but the workouts are great for the mood. surprisingly, even when i am lumbering along to kpc, i do feel good.



I completely understand. I am 11 weeks with twins and my butt has taken on a new shapes...or shapes. It is very dicouraging, but look at all the lean women who have had kids... like CATHE! We will be ok!
I am just not going to look at my bum for the rest of the pregnancy.
I just started elliptical and walking again. Boring, but it's something.

Good luck! I'll be thinking about you!



Thanks everyone for your responses. After posting this I realized that I want to stop feeling miserable. Because my body feels sick all the time I'm looking for any type of comfort I can get (food/sugar!). But I want to feel alive, not half-dead.

I will use the begining of Week 14 (this Sunday!) to start a program.


After I found out I was pregnant I quit working out to Cathe for about 8 weeks or so. After I got over the morning sickness I started walking. I walk most days of the week for about 30-45 minutes. That seems to work for me. I keep thinking I'll get the step out again and do some of the beginner DVDs, but I am really enjoying walking and my husband goes with me so it's given us lots of time to talk and make baby plans :)
I have gained a total of 20 pounds. Ug! About 10 of those were in the first trimester (mind you it was the holidays and we went on a cruise shortly after). I sometimes feel like this baby is growing in my butt not my stomach :)


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