How to modify rotations correctly? long


Hi Cathe,
I've been doing (trying) August's rotation & I'm finding it hard for me. In fact since my surgery last year I'm finding all of your monthly rotations hard except for STS.
I did your 3 1/2 month STS/Shock Cardio rotation this past Spring and loved it. .
Since then I've been trying to do your monthly rotations like I used to be able to do before I had surgery last year and I'm now a wimp! and I've been doing nothing but your rotations since 2003.
Is it best to keep trying to do August's rotation as written for example, but take extra days off as needed which will make the rotation longer than 4 weeks or should I just give up and try for an easier rotation? This week PLB is done 2x in the same week but I already had to take a rest day! Do I skip the second time or do it as written no matter how long it takes?
Should I take time off for active recovery between monthly rotations? How long?
I just can't go 6 or 7 days in a row with out a day off which is how Aug. is posted.
It might be age. I'm 57 and I want to train like I used to but I'm finding I can't do it.
Do you have any advice for the "mature" home exerciser? I can't go by listening to my body or I'll never workout ;) but I don't want to get burned out either.
I know you are super busy with filming the new workouts so when you have a chance I'd love to know how to modify your rotations when I'm over my head :eek: and my pride is wounded. LOL!

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