How to find a reliable running partner


I love running and have ran with some people but their so inconsistant. I would really like to find a reliable person to run with once or twice a week. Any suggestions?


How about a meetup that way its not just one person you are relying on but rather several people? I used to be in a weight loss group. There were always at least two of us and sometimes 5 for a long fitness walk (about 4 miles.)


I wish I could find a running partner...that is very hard to do. I agree with you that most people are inconsistent and you really want to find someone at the same level as you and who can run at the same time and for the same distance. Good luck! Local groups are good, do any of your neighbors run? Maybe you can start your own group?


You should check with your local running stores -- here in Oregon we have FootTraffic and RoadRunner to just name two and each of those stores have group runs at least once or twice a week -- so consistently at least one or two people from the store will run and then anywhere from 5 to 25 people will show up to run too -- all sizes, shapes and speeds. It's very cool and it gives you an opportunity to meet new people who could potentially turn into running partners outside of the group runs. :)

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