Hope I can keep up!

I can't wait to meet you Janet! We will all be so excited and chit chattering away and doing so much stuff together. Its a great time! :D

Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new to Cathe and this site (been doing the workouts for about two months). I live in San Diego so I was so excited to see the Road Trip was being held here! Can't wait to attend and meet fellow Cathe addicts!

What a relief for me as well!! I guess that's why I like working out at home is because nobody can see my many "modifications" hehe! ;)

Just going to go there and have a great time!! I can feel the positive energy already!! What a dream come true!

It will be such a hoot to meet some of you awesome Cathletes in person. We'll be real people and not just nick-names on a thread! What blessing!

Happy Tuesday!

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