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easy gifts: SALT & SUGAR SCRUB!
There are many more tutorials of other bath salts, lotions, soaps, shampoo.
Great for that person that loves bath & body works without the price tag,
or for yourself :p

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How to make Infused Oil
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Here's a contest you can enter if you have some great ideas.
Deadline for entries is January 28.
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*I don't work for this website, or get anything from passing this on.
Just good info for people that are hard to buy for, want to give that personal touch, or just on a dirt cheap budget. Nothing on the website is made by me or anyone I know.
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I just thought of an idea that goes along with making the gifts/gift basket sort of thing.
A new year- A new you gift basket/bag for your mom, sister, friend
it's affordable and simple enough you could give to several people, and possibly personalize it slightly.

-bath salts using the above recipe
call it something fun like
Take me to Jamaica bath scrub/salts

-healthy recipes typed, printed, then
put on index cards

infused oil- rosemary, garlic,

maybe even pair it with a
gym membership or cathe gift card

and put it all together in a bag for the holidays.
Ships easily too.


And I thought you were going to make a notebook filled with homemade, laminated (cause I sweat;) ) workouts, a mix list, and a pouch for a jump rope!

I would have thought you really loved me if you gave me one.:D

I do like homemade gifts myself. I like anything that someone made because I think they went to the trouble. One year a friend of me gave me a holiday mug, filled it with different little candies, and a stirring spoon for hot chocolate. It wasn't expensive, but I still have the mug 15 years later. I think of her.


lol! I did think about doing the playlist too.

I it does come off a little overboard.
Seriously though, I would love if someone wanted to laminate
a notebook of workouts for me. Or a rotation.
How thoughtful:D
I wish my family was obsessed as we are about Cathe workouts.
I try to explain to them, but they are Giliad fans, mostly.
Mostly, I was thinking homemade, because
my mom was emphasizing how much she loves bath & body works.
Everything is so expensive there, and I would never go to the mall,
so better to make something myself. All the better if the grand kids
help too. I always wait until just before Christmas to think
about presents, there's still 10 days left, I'm thinking ahead! lol

Am I the only one laughing remembering when Phil (Jeff Garlin)
shouts and emphasizes over and over, "Laminated!' ? Such a funny movie.
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