Holy cow, Cathe!


Do you realize I have legs tomorrow?!! I'm laughing, of course. After months of personal issues I am finally able to refocus and get back into the workouts I love...yours. I've restarted the 3 1/2 month STS program. I noticed that you added new cardio suggestions and incorporated the Shock Cardio workouts. Since I still have the original cardio suggestions I go back and forth. On days I don't have a workout from the original version, I do the Shock Cardio that you suggested for the day. Well, I am only in week two and today's cardio was CCC. When you said we were going to do sumo squats I couldn't help but start laughing. And yes, I shouted at the TV, "Do you know I have legs tomorrow?" Of course, coming from you I expect nothing less.

I do have a serious question, though. Since I've been away from working out I've regained 15 of the 35 pounds I lost and I am not happy about that. I am really struggling in my cardio and I can't figure out why. My question is, is it better to pause and recatch my breath so I can do the workout more cleanly or is it more important to keep my heart rate up and not pause? When I don't pause I sometimes get to the point where I can barely keep and then I get frustrated. I know the point is to keep the heart rate risen, but when I do that I don't feel like I'm giving my best effort because I'm so winded. I guess I'm just a little frustrated and am ready to get back to where I was. Thanks for any input. It does feel good, though, to be back!

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