"Hip dip"


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Hey! anyone know how to get rid of the "hip dip" or atleast reduce its size or "fill in" the dip??
Please google this if you're unfamiliar with the term..
I have it and I absolutely hate it. it makes my body look super unattractive


Hello Emani ......:)
Okay, so I just googled 'hip dip'. Honestly, it just looks like a nicely proportioned and exercised bum to me. What am I missing where it is deemed "unattractive"? I am not certain if they are referring to the upper hamstring? In any case, I think if you add Cathe's floor, loop band etc. work to her workouts (Pyramids, Great Glutes, Lean Legs, Lower Body Blast etc... most of them have it!), you will come out with a well rounded ;) regimen for your lower body. Cathe hits all the muscles! For upper hammies, she does the stay low forward leaning lunge which is included in Low Imact Tri-Sets, ICE Lower Body Blast and others. A lot of step routines also cover/condition this area. Deadlifts where the weights/barbell are lowered fairly far down (not if you have disc issues) will also hit it. Go high rep if you aren't looking for any hypertrophy at all there. Remember, that spot reducing isn't exactly possible and a lot of this body guilt terminology I have heard lately (thigh gap etc.) is basically determined by the bone structure of your pelvis.
Hope this helps.


Who knew it had a name?! I have this, and have always hated it as well. I have to say that once I lost my saddle bags (thank you Butts and Guts), this area did not look as noticeable. I Still have it to some degree, since it is my bone structure, but it looks much better since I have worked my legs twice a week.
There isn't a way of filling in the dip. You can only reduce the layer of fat that is above or below the dip. Hope that makes sense!
Try working out your legs twice a week. It took me a good six months, but I saw a huge difference in this area. I even lost a pant size! Muscle takes up less space!


This seems like a good article/site: http://betterbuttchallenge.com/what-is-hip-dip-and-why-having-this-feature-doesnt-mean-youre-a-freak/

To sum up, it's a result of your bone structure and you probably can't do much to change them, but they're perfectly normal and lovely. If you want to minimize them, this site suggests exercising the Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus to help bulk them up and fill out the hip dent area, and the Gluteus Maximus to add extra volume to the butt as a whole to draw attention there instead of your hip dents. If that doesn't help, the site also suggests flattering clothing styles.

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