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I am small chested ( 34A) and typically don't wear a bra when I work out at home. However, I have recently gotten into running outdoors and feel the need to wear a bra out in public and do appreciate the support. The problem I have is I cannot stand pull over running bras or compression tanks. Strange as it may sound, but I always feel like I am trapped in them when I try to pull them back off especially when they are all sweaty and start to panic. Not to mention, it tweaks my shoulder getting them on and off.
Here is the problem...all the ones that have clasps on them are for people who actually have boobs! I guess them assume that those of us that don't need a lot of support can just pull them over our heads.
Any suggestions for brands that might work for me?
Everyone laughs at me when I say this, but I step into the sports bras and pull them up over my hips. Then I put my arms in the straps and pull them into place! I'm the same size you are (34A). It works great, especially when you're taking off a sweaty bra after running.

Personally I can't stand any sort of hooks or clips on my back. I feel like it digs into me when I run.

Try it, you'll be surprised how easy it is to get workout bras on and off this way.
On a slightly related note, I'm glad to hear others have trouble getting them off. I've always just assumed I had a big humped back and that's why it was such a struggle! Lol!
Jeanne...I have done that same thing before. Sadly it doesn't always work. I am built with 'not much in the front seat' but a whole lot of junk in the trunk.
There is nothing worse than feeling that panic and worry that I am going to have to call my husband in to cut the thing off of me! ha ha
I found a Nike and and Under Armour one online but would prefer to try them on. Still looking.
Thanks for the suggestions.
Val, I feel your (fear of) pain! I am the same size as you up-top, and have the same concern. Tweaked my shoulder last year taking off a cardigan - and very looooonnng story short, went through 3 months of PT for *frozen shoulder*. I never want to go through that again, so I am constantly careful and concerned when removing the ever-tight sports bra (especially if they are compression).

Calvin Klein Performance makes a bra that really works well for me (easy-on/easy-off), and I highly recommend. I actually discovered them @ Marshall's for about $12.

Good Luck! And if you find a different brand that works for you, please share!
I too hate trying to get a sweaty sprots bra off. I'm a 34D and currently wear the underarmor zip front bra. Works great!!!

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