Help with "power" moves


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I don't know another way to describe this. I'm a new "Cathlete" and just started using her on demand and doing her workouts a few months ago. I know she has "power scissor" and does several of one type of exercise at times to intensify the movement - an example is 3 leg lift ("power three") Then she has "jump freeze". It would be helpful to have demonstrations of how to do each one of these properly and what their purposes are to properly benefit from it. I don't see anything in her blogs so I'm wondering if anyone has any useful links or can help me with understanding this better


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You need to build up the moves from the beginning, so start with her earliest beginner step, where she does the most basic moves, and once you get those down move on to others. Ive been away from Cathe for years and am just getting back, so some movements I have to back up a few seconds and try again, and others come back to me like riding a bike. I'm 59 and have to modify some of the power moves anyway, and if there's something you can't get at first, just do 'basic' step until you catch on.

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