Help Me Pick a Series


I am wanting to take advantage of the Spring Sale without breaking the bank. I did Cathe workouts for years, but then drifted away to focus on triathlons. I now have a weird condition that makes it really difficult for me to run, although I have no physical limitations. Once I acknowledged that running was out, I pulled out my relatively unused LIS series. I am following the rotation and really enjoying it. Now I am trying to figure out what will be next. I think I am most interested in ICE, Strong & Sweaty, and XTrain. If I am only getting 2 which ones should I get? In terms of goals, basically I want to stay fit and injury free.

aqua girl

Well, definitely Ice, it's a keeper! :). Between the other 2, that would be a hard
Decision for me....I like workouts in each of them, both are great.


I agree with Aqua Girl - ICE is a must and the other two are both great! But if you absolutely have to choose between Strong & Sweaty or Xtrain I would get Xtrain. It has more variety!


As someone who gave up running and discovered Cathe I can tell you, though I love all her workouts, the one series that I felt I made the most gains (strength and cardio) was Xtrain. And I think that is one that I go back to a lot. So that is the one I would most highly recommend. You'll love it!

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