Hello! Does Butts and Guts Workout DVD Give you bigger legs?!!!!

Lexi P

New Member
hi I'm thinking about purchasing The Butts And Guts DVd but I want too make sure what it does to your body.
First of all I want too point out that I'm 20years old and I'm skinny and I DO NOT WANT TOO LOOSE ANY WEIGHT WITH THIS DVD!!!!!!!
I want BIGGER LEGS AND a bigger BUTT!!!!!! ( but not tooo big!)
PLEASE can you tell me. thanks!

** WIll this give me a Bigger Butt and Bigger legs and how much bigger?**
And how long does results take!?????


I am not skinny nor do I have skinny legs but I do know that when I did Butts & Guts I saw a noticeable lift in my butt. So I think that this DVD would definitely help get you a bigger booty just but I can't say how much bigger.

Also, something to keep in mind is that every body can react differently to different workouts. This workout should at the very least give you strength in your legs especially if you are not used to working out with weights.

Good luck. HTH!


I think it depends on your body type. If you need to add muscle because you are really slim, it will increasing your legs and hiney. If you need to loose weight and tone, your legs and butt will probably decrease in size. It's a tough workout --get ready for the burn if you decide to purchase it!


If you're really concerned about losing weight from exercise than you should focus on increasing your daily calorie total when you begin your fitness regimen. Especially focus on quality protein calories when you are doing resistance work like Butts and Guts. It is an EXCELLENT video for firming, lifting and rounding out your tush and firming your legs. It is tough but you will love how you look from behind!;)


I had similar results with B&G - I was amazed at how much my butt lifted from doing this workout! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this workout!
It's pretty useful for big butts. I have this DVD I had followed the same guide but my friend tried with slight variation like she added booty bands in one step and yeah the results were amazing in both cases.


I know this is an older thread, but I wanted to add my input. I've been doing a SANDS rotation and including B&G once a week. I would have to say that B&G has definitely not added any size or bulk to my legs or butt. In fact, I think I am losing some of the hard earned muscle I gained when I was doing STS. But if you want to tighten and lift your glutes, B&G is a good choice. I must say that I find it humorous and endearing that Cathe refers to the glutes as the "hiney" in this DVD. :) There is a certain exercise where she says, "Squeeze that hiney" in time to to the music, and it makes me laugh every time! I will probably continue this rotation until after the holidays, but after that it is back to STS for me. Tried and true!


I'm glad karategirl revisited this. It made me think again about expectations of results. I realize that my expectations have always been for strength and better health and better fitness. I really think that should be the ultimate goal because there is a certain point your body will develop as however your DNA dictates. I've never worried about looks. Had I expected to look a certain way I think it would've set me up for disappointment. If I thought it would make me more attractive then it would be a big failure. Being fit has landed me a date yet . . .
I just did Butts and Guts last night...great workout even after 12 years...it certainly stands the test of time!:) I find it to be fairly high rep and Cathe only uses a 35 lb barbell and 5 pound dumbbells so I don't think it will add a huge amount of bulk to the muscles. But if more strength or size are desired, you could always up the poundage on the weights selected and do fewer reps. It is a super toner and I find it to be very well rounded, hitting the glutes from every angle.

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