Dear Cathe, Shiela and Moms to be:
I heard my babies heartbeat for the first time today. It sounds wonderful. Hearing the heartbeat makes it all seem so real!


Daphne M

It's a miracle

Hi Joyce:

My mom-to-be days are now behind me (2 kids are enough for me) but reading your post brought tears to my eyes, remembering the moment(s) I first heard their heartbeats.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I look forward to reading about many more miracles along the way.


Cathe Friedrich

Hi Joyce,

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Yes, I totally agree with you. It was hard to believe that I was actually pregnant until I heard that heartbeat(and felt the accompanying chills and rush of excitement that came with it ). Take Care, Cathe!


the most beautiful sound......

I wound up having an unplanned fetal monitoring session today -- my baby was not moving, and they needed to check on her. That little heartbeat was the most beautiful sound in the world! After 20 ounces of Coke (!) and a Balance Bar, she started moving around, so they let me go home home.


Get ready- it gets BETTER!!

just wait until your stomache starts to do the wave on its own! what a terrific feeling to KNOW that beautiful blessing is alive and kicking! Never forget the time my third, a boy, bounced me off the counter while I was doing the dishes with a kick big enough to make an NFL kicker proud!

susan p

such sweet memories. . .

Those first movements are something else. . . I remember with #1 I was 16 weeks pregnant, lying on my back in bed reading and I felt a little "swish swish" --felt just like gas except it stayed in one place instead of moving on! I gasped and held my breath. . . There it was again, "swish, swish". . . Oh my! "swish, swish" again. Now she's a great big 7 year old almost-second grade girl and strong as a horse. If she kicks me now I'm seriously bruised! You used to be able to watch my belly jump from across the room! Should've known she'd grow up into a Tae Kwon Do girl. Those precious little bitty people, aren't they sweet?? -susan p


hide and seek

And why is it when you are sooo excited to share it with your honey that as soon as he puts his hand on your tummy to feel it the baby decides to go to sleep?! Later though you can't miss it! Looks like Sigourney in Alien! What an awesome experience!

Kristin Aziz

It's the best thing in life

This thread is giving me chills (the GOOD kind!
). Pregnancy was the time when I first started loving and appreciating my body for what it could do. Reading your posts is making me think again about approaching hubby with the idea of #3... (don't think it's in the cards, though--he likes having two). I miss holding a newborn in my arms, but the two beautiful, precious children I have now will always be my babies.


grandma- the best of both worlds

while I am in no way close to this (nor am I implying anyone else is!)-- my oldest being 9--I am thinking being a grandma will be terrific! None of the grunt work and all of the satisfaction. You can hold that beautiful angel all you want and hand her/him off to mama when they are cranky or stinky!!!

susan p

ooooh, mic, you've got it!!

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(mic=momincharge, that is!) Hey, great minds think alike! As soon as I got my tubes tied post-#3, I started consoling myself with the thought of grandchildren. There are so many things I'd LOVE to do for my kids. . . quilts, cross-stitched samplers, little smocked dresses, etc. You just don't have TIME to do that when your kids are little and you want to the most! But when I'm a grandma, look out! I'll have all the time to do my favorite crafts and sweet grandbabies to do them for. In fact, I was sewing machine shopping recently and was sorely tempted to pop out the bucks for an expensive embroidering machine, imagining all the little embroidered bodices on little sundresses with matching embroidered sock sets I could do. . . Then I realized, I barely have time to make two sets of matching dresses a YEAR for my girls, let alone all my dream projects. But when I'm a grandma, look out! Dream machine, here I come! And I'm gonna rock those babies! BTW my girls are 2, 4, and 7, so I've got a looooonnng wait (especially since they aren't allow to date till they're at least 25 and then ONLY perfect men, which we all know are few and far between!) -susan p


who is THAT lady??

that's when your kids will be looking at you like what's up with her? They will be shaking their heads thinking she wouldn't let ME have candy for breakfast! I feel your pain though-- never enough time to do the fun stuff when your busy churning out meals, cleaning up after,running people to practice, wiping behinds,etc, etc, etc!

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