Healthy Mommas -- Mar 19


Roll Call:
Ashleyann due May 10
Courts3 due Aug?
Cee due Sep 2
Heidisue due Sep 6
mfv3 due Oct 10
Cindy due Oct 14
MissyP ??

I did poorly working out this past week, but the wonder of a new week is I get to start trying again. I have a doctor appt on Tues and cannot wait for those 10 seconds while the world stands still and I listen to my baby's heartbeat. I am also going to try to put salad back in my diet (it was not staying down previously).
So there are my two resolutions for the week and my great reward. What are each of you looking forward to in the coming week? Ashleyann and Courts3 do you know if you are having a boy or girl yet?


My goal is to workout 3 days this week. It has been a struggle these past few weeks, but I did manage to go for a 4 mile and then 5 mile walk this weekend.

I feel ya about salad! I used to eat one everyday but not recently. I'm still not sure I could handle it. Been eating a ton of fruit though so I'm feeling better about my diet lately.

My next appt is Fri :)

Have a wonderful appointment. Can't wait to hear about it!


Baby was trying to hide from the doppler, but we finally got a heartrate of 155. Now to set up an 18 week ultrasound.
My 2 year-old does not understand why the Dr. did not have dum-dums for the baby :D


This is just what I need to get me back into exercising because at this point I really have to force myself. I'm going to aim for 3 days of exercise this week, hopefully starting tonight with some YogaMax. Last night I had a killer headache (tends to happen on Monday's from being back to sitting in front of a computer at work all day) so I opted for sleep instead of exercise. I also plan to watch my food intake, bring the carbs down and stay away from the sweets. I need to choose more fruits and veggies.

dragonf1y - So glad the doppler found the baby - litte stinkers! That's cute your 2 year old wanted the baby to have a dum dum too.

mfv3 - Salads are hard the first trimester, thankfully I can handle smoothies with spinach or my greens would be lacking.



Cee- So glad the doppler worked out. What an amazing feeling to see that hearbeat :) Cindy- Good call on the spinach. I'm gonna have to try that. So I did Afterburn today! Love that one and it felt so good to get moving and sweat!


I am having a boy. I can't believe I'm in the 34th week! I have been working out 5 days/week throughout this pregnancy. The Low Impact Series has been wonderful for pregnancy! I have especially enjoyed Cycle Max. It has just been perfect and as my baby bump is REALLY out there now I find that workout to be the best. I also got one of Mindy Mylrea's spinning DVD's that I use as well (I like CM the best though!). I haven't done either of the yoga DVD's yet because I'm afraid I'll squish the baby! I look forward to using those workouts after I have the baby.



Had my appointment and not surprisingly we weren't able to hear a heartbeat since I'm at 10.5 weeks and my temps were all over the place the month I conceived so I could have ovulated later than expected. She gave me a few options and I chose to just go back on the 3rd to see if we can hear a heartbeat then. If not then I'll opt for either an ultrsound or blood tests. I did get hit with a major headache last night and this morning I'm feeling drained and every smell in the house made me want to gag. It was rough.

I did get in some nice walks this past week and I'll figure out something to do this weekend to keep me moving.

Ashley - You are about ready to have that little boy! How are you feeling physically? I never hit the point of misery and wanting my kids out but they also weren't very big.

Marie - Afterburn sounds so good, I need to put that on my to do list.



Ashley- How exciting! A baby boy! The LIS is great for pregnancy isn't it?! Way to workout 5 days/week. I'm hoping I can do that as well!

Cindy- Intense smells are a good sign for sure. I'm betting you ovulated later in your cycle. For a few weeks I had to walk around my house with a mask on to lessen the smells. I was the queen of gagging too. It's not fun but well worth it. I had a friend who was in the same boat as you. They couldn't hear a heartbeat at 11 weeks so she went back at 12 and they heard one.

Well I made my goal of working out this week :)

Sat- 4 mile hike
Sun- 5 mile hike
Mon- Afterburn
Tue- Rhythmic Step (This one is always so fun!)
Wed- Step Moves (Perfect for a pregnant chic ;))

The nausea has been better, thank goodness! We had another appt yesterday and got a second ultrasound done. Baby is now 3 inches. We also got to hear the heartbeat...yep that made me amazing! I'm 11 weeks and 3 days today.

Today's workout will probably be a lifting one, haven't quite decided yet...maybe High Reps..or B and that one, but it's so darn long! It does give the best DOMS though :)

Alright off to workout. Then work at 3.


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