Heading to NYC tonight....


I know it's going to be cold, but exactly how cold is it??? Are the sidewalks still icy??? Am I going to have to spend all my time in a bar to keep warm? (Not that that would be a bad thing!!!)
I would say find your favorite bar. I'm about 30 minutes south(in northern NJ) and it is REALLY cold here. I'm sure it is even colder in the city. Right now, it is about 15 degrees here and windy. Once the sun goes down I'm sure it will be even colder. UGH! x(
It's freakin freezing. I think it's supposed to be in the low teens tonight. If you're going out layer layer layer. One thing I do is always wear tights under my pants/jeans, they help hold in body heat. Also 2 pairs of socks. Also don't worry about your coat--wear the bulkiest one you have with a scarf, hat & gloves.

And yes the sidewalks will likely have patches of black ice. Wear rubber soled shoes.
It's freezing... dress warmly and wear warm shoes/boots (ie: uggs) because cabs will definitely be in short supply!
oh, yeah. I have three pairs of tights stashed in my suitcase PLUS four pairs of Smartwool socks. I have a very ugly pair of snow boots.

I think that I'm going to resemble Randy, when he's getting ready for school, in "The Christmas Story."
I'm in Boston and let me tell you--the sidewalks are treacherous. I have a crappy commute to work in the morning and more than half of it involves walking and it took me twice as long to get here this morning because of the ice. Dress incredibly warmly, wear boots, and walk carefully and you should be fine. (Although the all-day-in-the-bar idea doesn't sound so bad anyway....)

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