Hating hard, but loving the results!


I've always enjoyed exercising and always sought routines that were challenging. However, there was a 5 year spand where exercising got away from me. An unplanned and unexpected opportunity came my way that allowed me to become an entreprenuer. I worked varied hours, including evenings and weekends, and was driving all around my home state closing deals. When I did cook it was mostly for my children since I was eating out most of the time due to my schedule. Besides, I had to work my butt off since my marriage had pretty much ended, but not yet terminated. The hard work paid off in that I was able to move to another state for a new beginning and purchase my own home in my own name, but I gained 35lbs by the end of it all. At the age of 33 after having two children I was a size 6, but had expanded to a whopping 12/14 size. :( I would have never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever let myself go. Life and all its ups and downs proved to get the best of me.

After a year of losing my mother unexpectedly I decided I had enough of life getting the best of me. Life is not ever perfect, but I realized my attitude can be if I so chose. I have no control of the external events around me, but I have control of my attitude. The attitude of grief, laziness and defeat was out! I tried P90X and Insanity, but they were'nt doing anything for me. I felt as though they didn't focus on my problem areas, hips, thighs and butt. Then I discovered Cathe in Deceimber 2011, and have been hooked ever since. :D

I remember my first rotation included three dvds, HiiT 30/30 and Butts & Guts, but I can't remember the third one. Anyway, by February I was able to graduate to to Athlectic Training (AT) and HiiT 40/20. By this time I had created a exercise plan that takes me out to the next two years, I call it Workout Step Schedule to STS.

It took me nearly 6 mos before I could graduate myself to Step #2, Circuit Blast and Slide-n-Glide. I remember when just the warm up in AT felt like a full cardio workout. I had to take a break just from the warm up. :eek:

I've been doing Step #2 since July 23rd and I see myself graduating to Step #3 by the end of this month. I was giving myself 3 mos to master each Step before graduating, but I'm now down to 30 days. Progress #1. Furthermore, I love and was missing AT so much that I decided to break from my plan and do it tonight. I did AT with 10lb weights! Progress #2.

Although I'm only down 10lbs, last week, out of the blue, I decided to try on a pair of shorts I couldn't get past my hips. They slipped on, zipped up and buttoned with ease! Those shorts?, you ask are a size 10. Progress #3.

Cathe, I hope you will be around for a long time and continue making fun, challenging exercise programs. I work out six days a week and if I miss just one day from my schedule I'm not a happy camper. My life is so different now, because my attitude so different.

Joyce Myers's favorite statement is, "I'm not where I should be, but thank God I'm not where I used to be!" My ultimate goal is a size 8. I will get there, thanks to you.

Just want to say congratulations on all your hard work. I'm glad it is paying off for you. Cathe's workouts really are life changing!
Congratulations Tahitia, well done!
It feels great to be able to keep on exercising not because i have to loose weight but because I enjoy it. This how I feel right now ;-) Cathe has changed my life for sure.
Thank you for sharing your inspirational story with us! AND CONGRATULATIONS FOR GETTING INTO THOSE SHORTS!! :D

I can relate to much of what you said as I also reclaimed my life and my health after ending a marriage that was making me very unhappy, and I was burying my problems with unhealthy behaviors, including not taking very good care of myself. Once I managed to do that one big thing to improve my life, everything else seemed doable, including losing weight. I, too have gone from a size 12/14 and have pretty much made my goal of being a size 6/8. And I've relied on Cathe to get there. I know you'll reach your goal as well!

Take care!

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