Has anyone done Amy's Slo-Mo?


I just received my Amy Bento's Slo-Mo and I am sooo excited. This looks so good. I was wondering if anyone who had pre-ordered through her site(I ordered mine through Collage a few days ago) has done it yet? Any thoughts?
>I just received my Amy Bento's Slo-Mo and I am sooo excited.
>This looks so good. I was wondering if anyone who had
>pre-ordered through her site(I ordered mine through Collage a
>few days ago) has done it yet? Any thoughts?

I'm sooo jealous! Mind shipped out today. I was two numbers under what Amy said got packed up over the weekend...woo hoo!
Alright...so I just previewed the Legs portion. Were in the process of selling our house and my DH has been interrupting me all night to sign papers(you'd think he would know better...I mean, where are his priorities :7 ) Anyway, the Legs looks pretty tough.

The warmup is a little dancy but nothing on the step and nothing that anyone should have a problem picking up. Then she does 7 different leg exercises. The first 4 are squat variations. Some are pretty unique. She does about 3 sets of each one, each with heavy weight and, of course, going really slow. The last three exercises are a Hammie-rocker(a lunge-deadlift-lunge variation with one leg on the step,) a Glute wrap(wrapping your leg around a vertical barbell and lifting..OUCH!) and a one-legged squat with the ball. There is a nice cooldown with the ball.

I think this looks like a pretty intense leg workout. A lot of the moves were new to me, some I'm a little worried I may kill myself trying to do:7

I guess I'm a little spoiled by Cathe though. Amy's other exercisers look a little unenthusiastic and sometimes they look like they aren't doing exactly what Amy is doing. I don't usually pay that much attention but I guess to some people that could be a minor distraction.
Oh my, my, my! :eek: This workout looks absolutely FANTASTIC! I don't have any of Amy's workouts and to be honest, haven't looked at any of her clips.....until now and woweee, woweee, wow, wow. Is this something I've been looking for. She's got innovative moves and the variety seems like you'll never get bored. I know I'll be ordering these in the not too distant future and the price is a steal! I can't wait to read the reviews once all of you do them. Thanks for posting this. I think I'll book a massage after I do it. I've been needing a push to schedule one. I may not have a choice, that is, if I want to function in life as I know it! ;-) :p

I also was able to preview the 2nd Split, Shoulders and Back.

Lots of ball work in this one. It's about 50 minutes long. Quick warm-up, then eight exercises:

Lying Row on the ball
1-armed Pullovers on the ball
Seated row with a band and a barbell(this one looks awesome)
Overhead press with the ball
Cuban Press
Incline Press with the ball
Fly with an external rotation

Stretch on the ball

This looks like a pretty complete workout. Amy goes lighter in her weights here(which makes sense with all the shoulder work)and doing most of the work on the ball will make this a lot tougher I think.

I started to preview the 3rd Split--Chest Biceps and Triceps but I'll never finish it tonight. I can say that she has some unique looking pushups in this that I am really looking forward to}(
>I can't wait to get all 3 of these (though I have to admit I
>still haven't been able to do her Advanced Step Challenge so
>I'm not sure why I ordered #2)!

I'm waiting on all three as well (and I never even tried her first step workout, but I like Amy and was willing to give it a try: I just hope her cuing is good on it!)

I'm really looking forward to the Slo-Mo series and the Hi-Lo workout (may even dust off and inflate my Bosu---which has a slow leak in, and is flat as a pancake the day after I use it--for the "Dome" segment).

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