Starting my new 6 week rotation today. Had a pretty good workout. This one should be fun. Weeks 1,3,5 are done with exercises in the 6 rep range and then you do a rep out with 25 reps at the end of each exercise. It's a burner. Weeks 2, 4 and 6 is just straight sets o 12 reps.

Today was Chest and Triceps. 2 minutes rest between each set.

Flat Barbell Bench Press - 90#/6 reps
***Did 3 sets.
Flat Barbell Bench Press - 45#/25 reps
***Did this right after my 3rd set. Should have went a bit heavier.

Incline Barbell Bench Press - 85#/6 reps
***Did 3 sets.
Incline Barbell Bench Press - 45#/25 reps
***Did this right after my 3rd set.

Incline Dumbbell Flyes - 30's/6 reps
***Did 3 sets.
Incline Dumbbell Flyes - 17's/25 reps
***Did this right after my 3rd set.

Weighted Bench Dips - 75#/6 reps
***Did 3 sets.
Bench Dips - BW/25 reps
***Did this right after my 3rd set. Really felt this from the very first set. It's been a while since I've done this exercise.

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press - 75#/6 reps
***Did 3 sets.
Close Grip Barbell Bench Press - 40#/25 reps
***Did this right after my 3rd set.

Lying Tricep Barbell Extensions - 50#/6 reps
***Did 3 sets.
Lying Tricep Barbell Extensions - 30#/25 reps
***Did this right after my 3rd set. BURNER!!!

I know Roselyn asked for a copy of this rotation and I think someone else. If anyone wants a copy of the layout, please pm me your email address.
I started my workout this morning with Lauren Brooks Body Sculpting Kettlebells w/up and the Grind 24 min 117 calories burned.
I then did P90X Upper Body + 42 minutes 253 calories. I followed with Shock Cardio Pyramid Hiit 30 minutes 228 calories, Max HR 167. I wanted a little more stretching so I did Brook Bentons Cardio Fusion Kettlebell workout yoga stretch 9 1/2 min 38 calories. Workout time was 1 hr 46 minutes and calories burned was 636.
The Grind workout went like this:
round 1 turkish get up 20# kettlebell
diamond pushups with hands on kettlebell handle bell on it's side
kettlebell swings 25# 1st time 35# 2nd time through
Repeat this round
round 2 windmills 20#
single leg deadlift 25#
one arm rows 35#
squat to tricep extension 25# 1st time 35# 2nd time through
Repeat this round
It was hard trying to count reps on the P90X workout as most exercises were timed at 60-90 seconds.
Yikes!! Only three workouts to go!!!!!:eek:

Had a massage on Saturday for my leg. Felt better right after but has seemed to return to where it was. Hoping it will improve over the next few days.

This morning was LIC Total Body Timesaver or something like that. Lots to do between now & Friday......
Good Morning Maniacs!!!

Still on doing the Simple Huge Rotation. Tickled pink Deb is doing this with me. I am alittle behind though and still on week 2..last day of Back/Biceps...the weeks have been busy as heck...trying to find work and so on the go alot.

Have a great day everyone. Will post stats later this evening and catch up with post
Happy Monday!!

Linda - Best of luck with the surgery. I'm sure everyone will be sending you prayers and good wishes - I know I will!! ;) Let's hope this does the trick and you are feeling better quickly.

Debbie - I am still doing a version of one of your rotations - can't even remember which one right now. :confused: I have been trying to change things up and do a different workout every day for the entire month of Sept. I find that I tend to get into a funk and end up doing the same workouts over and over if I don't FORCE myself into changing things up!! :D It looks like your new rotation will be awesome.

Lori - I was reading your post from Friday or Sat? I can't remember. Anyway, I am closing camp this coming weekend and will not be back until after Memorial Day next year. I'm actually kind of relieved as it has been such a busy season with so many friends and relatives visiting every weekend - not exactly relaxing. :rolleyes: I hope to get a final word on the house by this Wednesday.

Diane Sue - Nice workouts- as usual! P90X and Shock Cardio HIIT in the SAME DAY!! You are a maniac!! :eek:

Roselyn - Up at 4:30 again? Your in good company - me too!! :D Nice workout today!

Teresa - I'm sure you are busy as ever!! I hope you are having a good day!

Gotta get back to work....Have a great day.

Good morning - My neck was really hurting yesterday. Pretty sure I slept wrong and the driving did me no favors. Sometimes too, I think my disc (herniated) gets aggravated. Suprisingly not often, but I can actually FEEL a bulge back there :eek: Anyway, wasn't going to do anything but decided on Step Moves. That workout is just FUN - and it at least gave me something of a second wind. Neck feels ok today, so I'm planning to do back and triceps. Budokon or kb's this evening.

Roselyn - Good work this morning :D

Debbie - Great workout :) . Cool that you and Char are doing a rotation together. It sounds very VERY good. I didn't ask for a copy of it but would very much appreciate one. I'll p m you if that's ok.

Diane Sue - Wow. Excellent workout - covered A LOT :D. Keith Weber's EKCC has a turkish get-up chapter in it. Bet you'd like that one. Also, from yesterday -- Budokon is a martial arts/yoga hybrid. There are also meditation segments to open and close each workout. I'm not sure that's how he'd explain it (Cameron Shayne). Evidently, he has a few workouts out there. The 3 I'm working with are something of a set: Flow and Flexibility, Power and Agility and Strength and Balance. I would say that F & F is the least aggressive (though that's not quite the right word) of the 3, with more yoga and a few rolling kick movements. The other 2 are more intense, including some plyo work (even a few 360' turns) and more complex movement patterns. There's an excellent tutorial track that comes with each one and you can click over to it at any time during a workout. It will take you back to what you were working on when it's done. I really love them. Here's a link to a promo, though it really doesn't do justice to the actual workouts (IMO) :

Linda - I knew you were getting close to your surgery. Keeping you in my prayers.

Char - Good to see you here and doing a rotation with Debbie :). Good luck on the job hunt.

Cheryl - I can understand being relieved :eek: Your schedule over the summer had ME confused :p - Finally - Wednesday, huh? Will keep my fingers crossed - waiting can be so tough :confused: Your plan for September sounds good.

Hi Theresa :D

Have a good day, everybody.

Roselyn - I sent it to you. :) I cannot believe you were up at 4:30 this morning! Good God!!!

Diane Sue - Nice workout! You sure do alot in one day! :eek:

Linda - I will be definitely thinking about you on Friday. I hope everything goes smoothly. Is this an in/out type surgery or will you be staying over night?

Char - So far I'm liking this rotation. This mornings workout was fun! Glad to see you back! :D

Cheryl - Glad you are doing one of my rotation. Changing things up is a good thing!

Lori - PM me your address and I'll send it to you. Hope your neck gets better. Mine is still tender, believe it or not. :eek:
Debbie - It's in/out. Hey can you send me that rotation, something to look forward to on the other side. LOL!

Lori - Ouch on the neck. Hope it feels better.

- I agree it feels like you just opened the camp. Where did the summer go?

Oh, BTW about 10 days after my shoulder surgery they are going to fix my carpal tunnel in that same arm. :eek:
Sorry, I haven't got to personals yet. I have been trying to get caught up around here. I need to get shopping done tomorrow between all of the running children around. I have so much going on this week I am definitely going to have to be up by at least 4:30. Maybe earlier Wednesday.

Lori, thanks for the budokon workout links. I sat here and watched some of the different workouts youtube clips. It looks pretty interesting. It looks kind of hard. Do they expect people to do all of that stuff in the clips?

Debbie, that looks like a good workout. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

Linda, I am sure you will feel so much relief after the surgury is over. As I said before I had the carpal tunnel surgury and it was instant relief. I don't know how you sleep with all of that.

Charlotte, good to see you check in:D So is that the title of the rotation? Simple Huge rotation?

Roselyn, good luck figuring out a rotation.

Cheryl, how is the house buying going? Did you get camp closed up this weekend?

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