Well I for one plan on completely living up to the Fat Tuesday philosophy :eek:

Yesterday I took the TRX for a spin. This thing really is limitless in terms of options and exercises. I did a total body circuit 3 rounds of 10 reps

chest press
bodyweight row
tricep ext
bicep curl
overhead squats
squat to woodchop
one leg squat
hamstring curl
knee ins

Holy cow is my core sore and my triceps are angry :D
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Today was cardio and I chose Low Max. Had a great workout. I did intervals 1-6. Skipped 7 because I ran out of time and I don't like it anyways. Was sweating like crazy. I forgot how hard this workout is. My HR got up to 164 bpm at some point.

1 hr. 3 minutes total
1 minute below zone
8 minutes in zone
54 minutes above zone
554 calories burned :cool:

Wasn't expecting that calorie burn! Makes me very happy! :D
<==== walks in all red in the face!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

One, from the all out intensity of Insanity's Plyo Cardio Circuit.
Two, from how poorly she did on the burpee and plank position exercises!!!:eek::eek:

I have never been good at burpees and mountain climbers and such, but this many of them just killed me! The lactic acid burn in my quads was awful! And during the burpees you had to do 4 fast pushups and with my shoulder that really scared me! My average HR was 167, max was 190, and I burned about 450 calories in 42 minutes.

- I love me some angry triceps! :D:D:D It's my favorite body part to work and I love it when they get hit hard!

- Nice calorie burn on Low Max!
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Linda-ok...now I'm worried about this Insanity business, but the calorie burn was great. I suck at burpees, mountain climbers, push ups, tuck jumps, and air jacks....really anything that makes this big italian/scandinavian have to get off the ground :p

Debbie-that is a nice calorie burn. I have not done that one in awhile.
Here is a review of Plyo Cardio Cuircuit that describes it perfectly. I have edited out some of the fluff comments:

We started off jogging in place, then jumping jacks, Heisman, a 1-2-3 move, butt kicks, high knees, and mummy kicks. This lasted a little over 3 minutes, but was repeated a total of 3 times, for a total between 10 – 11 minutes. We then get a 30 second water break. With each rotation, the speed of the exercises increases, so be ready to pick up the pace each round of each set. After the water break, I see STRETCH come across the screen, and then the realization HITS me. THAT WAS THE WARM UP!
So the stretch is just under 7 minutes, and quite thorough. After the stretch, a water break. I look at the timer and see 23:20 on the clock. Don’t let this 23 minutes give you the wrong idea. There is nothing EASY about the next 23 minutes. Even the water breaks are too short!
First round of the workout, the timer shows 2 minutes for the upcoming round in the set. You start doing Suicide drills, power squats, mountain climbers, ski downs. Then its time for a water break, and I think “I got this, no sweat.” Then after 30 seconds you repeat, but this time, you go for 3 and a half minutes, and the pace is faster. A much earned water break follows, and then another round of 3 and a half minutes, and YEP, a faster pace. But is it really faster? You feel like you’re moving faster, but you wonder if you are having a “mind is moving faster than my body” moment. After your last move of ski downs, you catch a curve ball with some added moves…..switch feet, and football wide sprints. Water break. And just under 15 minutes on the clock remaining.
The next set starts with 2 and a half minutes on the clock and you’re back at it again with basket ball shots, level 1 drills, ski abs, and in-out abs. Water break. At this point, I like to think I’m in good cardio shape, but this circuit is TOUGH. Get ready for the next round of the same thing, but now you are at a 3 minute cycle. Another water break. Entirely too short! Last round of this set is 4 minutes 30 seconds, and will test every part of your being. You’ll be tired, exhausted, and I’m embarrassed to say how many times my knees hit the floor. But it’s not over yet, the last 2 minutes, you do some jabs, cross jacks, uppercuts, and attack.
Finally the cool down and stretch for the remaining 3 minutes or so, and you’re dripping with sweat, thinking, what a great workout, and completely wiped out

The level 1 drills consist of a burpee with 4 pushups and 8 mountain climbers before standing again and repeating. The ski abs you are in plank position and jump your knees up to the side of your body , back out, then jump up knees up to other side body. The In and outs are in plank and you jump your knees up to your chest then back out and keep repeating. These moves just kill me!
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Theresa - You're going to pig today? LMAO!!! I'm not. I never give anything up for lent so I figure it isn't right for me to take advantage of Fat Tuesday. I should try to give up chocolate but I get mean when I can't have chocolate! Awesome on the sore core and triceps! :eek:

Linda - WOW!!!! Nice job with the first Insanity workout!!! It sounds hard a not something I'd like to do, although my body could probably use that kind of shock right now. Nice going! How's the shoulder? Also, did you get my pm from the weekend?

Where's Teddygirl???
Debbie - It will be interesting to see if I last! LOL! Yes, I got you PM, just yesterday. Don't know what time your test is tomorrow so in case it's early and you have to run....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
No I workout for me today. I am just to spent. Hardly slept because I kept coughing. Then was up at 4:45 am to get ready to take dh to the airport, picked up granddaughters for school, went to Target and Home Depot, then headed to another close by City to our CPA's office to drop off our signed tax forms. Headed back home to take some stuff for this cold and hopefully recoup before I have to go back out this afternoon. I got a large Chocolate Expresso Truffle Latte from Starbucks at Target so my diet is not so good. It didn't taste like it should either. The woman asked me to taste the first one and see what I thought?? When I said it was kind of watered down tasting she said she would make another. Well, while she is doing this she says she thought something wasn't good because the mix was separating:eek: OK, she hands me the second one and I think she used the same cup after pouring it out because the whole outside had coffee stuff running down it. I don't know why I left and drank the silly thing. It still tasted different. Not really sweet at all.

Linda, that is a great description of that Insanity workout. I was thinking that those push ups increased(maybe it is another workout) I know I have not felt much like I needed chest work after doing the Insanities. I hate those mummy kicks. Actually I feel like I am really torturing myself getting through those workouts but the results are great. Somehow I manage to look at how much time is left and keep pushing through. His warm ups are tough. If you read the introduction they tell you that you might want to warm up first:) I also thought that the Max recovery workout did not feel like a recovery at all. And if you got the extra workouts, I was surprised when they said you could substitute Max Sports Drills for some of those recoveries:eek: Insane abs has an intense w/up too.

Theresa, LOL on the Fat Tuesday. I feel like after eating out yesterday and then the Starbucks today I am going to have to get back to eating right so I am ready for that vacation. Those new workout toys must be really effective. Good going on the muscle soreness.

Debbie, if I were to give up something it would have to be coffee and I would not be an easy person to be around. Even my dog knows. She stands back and waits for me to get the first sip of coffee. DH laughed because her tail started wagging when I sipped my coffee and she knew that meant she gets to eat LOL
Diane Sue - LMAO on giving up coffee for lent. That's another thing I should give up but won't. Too funny about your dog. I had a latte at Starbucks at Christmas time and thought it was aweful. No taste at all. Then I thought, maybe Latte's aren't suppose to be sweet? Not sure. I love the coffee's at gas stations. LOL!!!
Hey Maniacs!!!

Started the Insanity workout yesterday so I started with the Fit Test. Did not write everything down as it was new to me and I was just trying to focus on what I was doing and would I survive and past the test. lol. It really wasn't that bad..I expected it to be more severe, but for less then 30 mins it did work me real good. I think the quads get alot of work in that one.

Today is the Plyo Cardio that Linda just described, and I have not previewed any of these, but will try to keep track of numbers, etc., this time. Thanks for the update, Linda.


I like the workout you did. That helps to beat boredom with all the different moves as sometimes I just get bored if I do same ole style and moves too often.

Diane Sue,

My diet was not so good either days before Valentines Day and on Valentines Day, but I am trying to be better now. I can suck down chocolate like a vacuum cleaner. haha.


Nice workout..I will be doing this today for the first time. I know the mummy kicks bother my collar bone when I did the fit test with those moves. I have to be careful with it. Thanks for the heads up..oh my goodness. :eek: I do love challenges so it will be exciting


Nice workout. Lowmax is so much fun. Nice burn too.
DianeSue - I am sorry that you are suffering through your cold. Sounds like me last week. I am right there with you on the mummy kicks, I hate them. I don't have the paperwork that came with Insanity just the DVDs. I thought with the Deluxe that you were suppose to substitute Sports Drill for one of the workouts that was duplicated during the week? Also they don't tell you when to do the Upper Body DVD do they?

Char - It's coll that we started Insanity at the same time! Good Luck!
Linda, the chart gives you says if you have the deluxe package you can replace cardio abs with insane abs and core cardio and balance with Max Interval Sports Training. Core Cardio and Balance is done for 6 days on the recovery week between Month 1 and Month 2. There is a Fit test chart too so you can check yourself out every two weeks. I checked over at Beach Body and they said the Upper Body workout was not in the main rotation plan. Sean T just decided he does weights and wanted to do a weight workout. I like it a lot and would think you could just work it in anywhere. But, no it is not in the rotation. It does get the HR up a little (there is some jumping and knee ins etc that raise the hr) It could probably be worked in with the cardio recovery day. Or one of those days where you are repeating a workout like in week 1 where they repeat plyometric cardio circuit. Or week two where they do pure cardio the second time with cardio abs. I would do cardio abs and upper. Just some suggestions.
I feel a little dizzy and I took a quick nap. Anyway I was thinking if I pushed myself I could maybe do a 30 minute workout and I would feel better?? I will see. Have to be out the door by 2:30.

Charlotte, the thing is you know we can get back on track after eating after the food fests;)

Debbie, that is one of my favorite Starbucks and it is usually a little sweeter. Funny thing is I don't sweeten my coffee at home but when I buy one I want it sweet. Go figure. DD and I once got cappucinos at a restaurant in vegas and it was just coffee with the steamed milk. We were both making faces and dumping sweetner into our cups.
Today I did Insanity Maximum Plyo, and of course had a great workout. Don't think I will be pigging out today, just ate normal, maybe a little more at dinner as Ash Wednesday is a fasting day for me, just 1 normal size meal and 2 small, I think, I should know by now I have been Catholic my whole life, anyway great workouts everyone!!
Roselyn-you are right on the fast :D We are Catholic and my dad is in the deacon program; every year for Lent they go on a 40 day fast of no meat and no cooked foods :eek: My mother does it with him, I can't quite get there, but Dh and I give up eating out every year. I like it.

Diane Sue-sorry you had such a rough night/day. I hope you feel better soon. I read somewhere that symptoms above the neck=ok to workout whereas symptoms below the neck=rest.


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