Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Checkin for Saturday June 24th


Good morning,
I'm eating my oatmeal with craisens, walnuts, and will be leaving soon for my century ride. I think I'm pretty well hydrated so wish me luck in the heat. Supposed to be 99 degrees here today. I'll probably be riding a lot of this by myself but hope to be chatting with others along the way. My DH says "YOU CAN DO IT" (like Arnold S.) and I know I can.

Tomorrow will be my rest day. Good workouts to all. Lora, where are you?

Good Morning Maniacs!!!

Yesterday I decided to take my rest day as my triceps were just "toasted"! LOL! I wanted to do a total body workout and really don't like leaving out any bodyparts so that is why I just thought I would rest. Today I think I will do supersets and ride my bike here soon before the rain comes.


How many miles you doing for that century ride? 1000 miles???}( Wish I could go with you. I know I would just love that, if you would want my company! I will be thinking of you.

Where is Lora?

Hi Charlotte,
The century is 100 miles, think this particular ride is 103 miles. I've done it 2 or 3 times before but not in the last 2 years and not with this heat so it is my big challenge for the year.

The scenery is spectacular on this ride. We also ride past a big meadow with buffalo in it. You would love it, I know. It's a good challenge, but not one that beats your body up bad. However, usually the last 10 miles or so, you are squirming in your seat...

Thanks for thinking of me.


WOW!!!! I didn't think it was actually 100 miles you were going on. I am sure it will go fast for you, and to think I am only going 14 this morning...WOO HOO! :eek: Yeah, your bum will be sore, but I know you MUST have some gorgeous looking legs and the endorphines will keep you very happy all the while...have fun!!!! GO GET EM', GIRL!!!!!

Morning ladies!

Netta ~ We'll be here cheering you on!!! In 100 degrees, oh my!!! Or think of Cathe, "Yes, you can!"

Charlotte ~ Have fun on your bike ride too!

I couldn't get up early to work out because my dd had a sleep over. The girls were good, but they stayed up late. It's funny I can't seem to go to sleep until I know that they are sleeping. I know that's weird. Anyway, today is upper body and yoga. We have swim lessons first and then I'll work out when I get home. I need that yoga!

Marietta ~ Happy Anniversary! What number is this for you two?

Hi to all who follow!

Have great workouts everyone!

Well I used my new bench this morning, had a blast! I did Slow & Heavy Chest & Biceps.

For chest work, I used my barbell instead of dumbbells for the flat and incline chest presses. I used 65 lbs. on the bar! I used my 25 lb. dumbbells for the flies for both flat and incline. Really got a burn in my chest and worked to failure on almost all the sets. I also did the push ups.

For biceps, I used 20 lb. dumbbells for the first set of curls, then dropped to 15's. When I did the hammer curls, I did them on the incline of the bench so it put the work at a different angle, it felt great. I used 12's for those but could have gone to 15's I think. This was a practice round. LOL! Then instead of doing barbell curls, I did preacher curls using a 30 lbs. barbell. I love preacher curls. Then I also did reverse preacher curls for my forearms using 25 lbs.

Had a great workout! I think tomorrow will be my rest day since I haven't had any yet this week. My dh and I are going to go visit my dad in Youngstown.

Netta - Have a great ride! Wow, thats a lot of miles!

Hi everyone! Have a great workout!
You ladies totally overlooked my post.....it's down a few.

Morning Fit Ladies -

This morning I did 1/2 hour of Pam Cosmi's Steppin' Rhythmin' (time to start working on this one again), and Tribal Fitness Latin Groove (about 40 min) followed by 10 minute Quick Fix Pilates Abs, Tribal Fitness 8-pack abs, and Tribal Fitness Yoga Groove, as well as Cathe's Total Body Stretch section #1.

I bought the Tribal Fitness 4 pack because I thought the 2 aerobic DVDs would be fun (since I like Yoga Booty Ballet). They are done to drum music....which I thought might get on my nerves..but it didn't. I actually really liked the ones I did today (except for the ab one - not hard enough or long enough). First, let me just say (and this is probably something none of you know about me), I love to dance latin style. I swear, I must have been Latin in my past life cuz this white girl can shake her booty and it's no tiny pancake booty either. I love the Salsa and Merengue...especially. I had to laugh at myself during this workout cuz during the Salsa, I was really putting my hips into it and my shoulders and I clocked my HR in at 160 (160 is what I usually hit for my intervals...so I had to laugh at the effect shakin' this big ol' booty had). This DVD was 30 min, but I redid part of it cuz it was fun and the drum music did not get on my nerves.

Yoga Grooves - I also liked this. I was surprised I enjoyed this, as I really like traditional yoga and when I purchased this set, I wasn't expecting to like this or the PIlates Groove one, but I really liked it. It was yoga done with a dance groove and it actually felt good to move a bit and get into the hips and move the spine different ways. One of the things I actually like about all dance videos are the way you move your body...which is so much different than the way we move with traditional exercise.

The ab workout was mostly isometric holds. It was different and I felt it, but it wasn't long enough or intense enough.

The other 2 in the this 4 pack are Spirit Groove (dance) and Pilates Groove - which I might try tomorrow.

Have great workouts everyone. I'm off to soak my sore neck and shoulders in the tub. I'm having some increased pain today. I don't know if it's the weather or from doing pushups on the floor the other day.

We're going to see Click tomorrow. I'm not sure what we're going to today. I want to go to Old Navy cuz I hear they have yoga pants on sale for $6. I thought I'd try to find a couple pair.

Charlotte - I just had an idea. How far do you live from me? Maybe you can come up here for the BuckCherry concert. I know I bought 4 tickets and I'm not sure who's all going, but even if everyone is going, I think tickets are still available and we do get to go to the Meet and Greet before the show. PM me if you think this may be something you want to try and work out. One problem is that I don't have an extra bedroom in my house..only 1 bedroom. I know West Virgina is right next to Ohio....so how far exactly are you into Virginia? If you want to look at a map...I'm in Youngstown. Oh and speaking of BuckCherry...here's one from the Ladies Thread (I couldn't go on there yesterday, cuz I was at work). I forgot - Buckcherry was on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night and I found out about it 1 day late. I was so mad!! I'm dying to see it. ERRRRRR......


and since his head is cut off in the above...here ya go.


SORRY to have to make everyone look at the picture.......I'll try to refrain from sharing these that aren't links.
I need opinions. I have 3 weeks until the concert and I want to try to lose a couple pounds before then. I've decided to do a Cathe rotation until the concert. I know I'll have to watch my diet carefully, but what rotation should I do? I know......here she goes again with rotations. I probably drive you ladies crazy.

Netta - we must have been posting at the same time this morning.

If my hubby will let me escape, then I would love to, you know I would. It would take me 6 hours to get up there. I use to live in Butler, PA so Youngstown is very close to Butler by about 30 mins, I know it takes 5 1/2 hours to get to Butler from here so I figure 6. I will get back with you on that very soon. That would be so friggin' awesome!!!!! Like the pictures too.

You know, Debbie here has alot of rotations. I am thinking of doing one of hers next month. You can check them out on the rotation/dvd postings.

Netta - GOOD LUCK!!! I know you'll do well. Isn't it funny that we have a century here today too? You'll note that I'm not riding in it as I sit here typing. My friends BEGGED me to do it with them, but since it's been so windy every day, 100 miles in the wind just didn't appeal to me. It's 10am and only a slight breeze so far (ride started at 7). It's supposed to pick up to 10-15 miles an hour. Hopefully it will be a tailwind for them. The weather is perfect for them right now and it's only supposed to get to 80.

Debbie - what a great workout! Do you also have the GS series? I had asked if GS would be better or Slow and Heavy. Charlotte doesn't have GS but said S&L is awesome. What's your opinion?

Charlotte - have fun on your ride! I better go do some of those tricep workouts so mine will burn too!

Dallas - have fun at swim lessons. That's great that you take your kids. I'm SO glad my mom took me. My mom never learned how to swim and is still scared of the water. My dad, on the other hand, was always in the ocean either diving, free diving, you name it. Then he built himself (and his wife) a 38 foot sailboat in his backyard in Los Angeles and retired at 50 and sailed mostly the South Pacific for 11 years. His boat is drydocked now and he's getting ready to sell it since his wife is so sick with Alzheimer's. It's really hard for him. He said if he had it his way he'd still be on the water. So sad.

Hey Debbie - your Dad lives in Youngstown and so does Lora (see, I DO read). Do you think you could stop by and snap a picture of our mystery girl? I think she's the only one who doesn't have a picture up!

Lora - I love that you have so much variety in your workouts. It sounds fun!

I'm saving my workout for later today. Either a total body Cathe workout or Bowflex. I woke up with that stinkin' migraine still (but not as bad) and cramps (ah, the culprit!). So...tomorrow I'm going to wake up feeling like a million bucks. Watch me! :)

I think we're going to take our dogs to the mountains - about 30 miles away. They'll LOVE that.

Happy workouts everybody!


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France

Suz - Gym Style and Slow and Heavy are both a great addition to weight training as they both work muscles a different way and very effectively. Gym Style's count is around 10-12 reps at a two-two count on most exercises. S&H is 8 reps at a 6 counts up/2 counts down method. VERY effective for strength and muscle gains. These workouts compliment each other very well. I usually do GS one week and S&H the next. I love both workouts but GS is my favorite weight training series.

Yep, I live about two hours away from Youngstown. Lora, I'll come by and take a pic, ok? LOL!!! Wish I liked Buckcherry or whoever he is, I'd meet you and Charlotte at the concert!
Good afternoon,
I never got a chance to post again yesterday. I got my car back. DH and I had a nice evening, out to dinner then some shopping. We bought a couple of movies to watch this weekend. We have a birthday party for my granddaughter tomorrow. This morning I did Step Blast stopping at the stretch, then Rock Steady Step segments#1 #4 and #5 then the abs, then Ab Jam w/ my weighted gloves and jolies, and 80 hanging leg raises 15 of the reps with my jolies on, Yoga Shatki dancing warrior#4, and the inversions.

Netta, good luck with the century ride. Wow 103 miles!!

Suz, enjoy the mountains with the dogs. Of course you will feel like a million bucks tomorrow:)

Marietta, hope you are enjoying your anniversary.

Hi to everyone,
Diane Sue
Hey Everyone,
Thanks for all the happy B-day wishes!! I had a GREAT time!!! Actualy I had such a GREAT time the whole week long with my mom and dad!! I was sad to see them go today.

Been BUSY with baseball. Both my ds's teams won there divisions. Now my DS10 starts City tournaments tomorrow.

Sabrina I was so happy to see you pop in yesterday!!You know I have missed you!!

Lora I think that will be wonderful if you and Charlotte can get together for the concert!!

Charlotte keeping my fingers crossed you can do it!!

Diane Sue how is Jasmine doing?? Post her picture when you get a chance. Ya know she is not going to stay little for very long ha ha.

Marietta hope you are having a GREAT weekend!! Happy Anniversary!!

Dallas how's your summer going? We have not really gone to the pool we joined much at all???

Susan what is new with you??? What rotation are you doing?

Suz GS are GREAT!! Buy them when you can. I think you will really enjoy the band work!! I know the 1st time I did these I had doms for days!!

Debbie you inspire me to go heavier.

Netta can't wait to hear back from you about your Century ride!!

Well gotta go!!
Take care,


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