Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 3/10

Hi all! I've decided to make up my own 8 week rotation using GS and STS workouts. I'm going to do a leg blast rotation because believe me, my lower body needs it. Looking forward to it. When I get the rotation done I'll post it on the rotation forum. Now I'm all excited and can't wait to start! :cool:
Debbie-Yay :eek: I'm glad you found something that is going to make you happy. I'm excited to see what you've come up with

Yesterday, I felt great which is a wonderful feeling after the last week and a half. I did AOS Providence skipping the snatch test. workout time was around 45 min and then I did joint mobility and foam rolling. I think some of my issue w/ tightness and aching has been b/c I was trying to do HIIT every cardio workout. I am going to cut back to twice a week and then add one longer, lower intensity session to see if that helps keep me from getting SO achy.

Last night I tried Fluidity. I did not enjoy it. It is not a calorie burner as moves are small. Then I woke up this morning and my neck, shoulders, calves, and low back hurt and I had a terrible headache. I am going to stretch out and hopefully still get in STS Meso 3 heavy legs:eek: Funny, because fluidity is almost all leg work. But really you get a lot of body in there just holding arms out and pelvis in position. Some things I liked. The use of a soft ball squeezed between the legs really did make it more difficult. I even got a burn in the abs.

Debbie, I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I have been using GS calves as an add on during the week. I really had contemplated using it for my lower body with STS.

Theresa, I have cut back some on all of the HiiT. I was seeing some of the foot problems coming back with so much of it.
Debbie - Glad you found your inspiration again!

Theresa - Nice to hear you are feeling great today. Sounds like a good plan regarding the HiiT.

- All that that pain, hopefully you can roll it out.

I got inspired by Theresa yesterday and thought since I am not allowed to lift weights I could probably use bands, as the grip and hand positions are completely different. So I did Travel Fit today. And I am still feeling under the weather so it was plenty intense enough. It sure did feel good to do some real resistance training.:D:D I sure do miss it. I am thinking of continuing to add band work in when I restart Insanity.
Hey Maniacs!!!

Going on a bike ride...my beloved 12 mile route..may extend it to 14 miles..see how I feel. Been awhile since I have been on bike, but gonna be 70 today!!! Stop by the stream and meditate inbetween...keep the high going. ;)


That combination of workouts sounds really good.

Nice workouts everyone. ;)
Linda-I'm glad you got to do some resistance training. HOw did it feel on the hand? what did you think of travel fit?

Char-that sounds like a great day, hope you have a nice bike ride. My DH loves bikes and he is stuck at the house today waiting on the gas company. It is really nice out here today, so I am sure he is really going to be pissed that he can't get out on the bike. They said they don't know how long it will take and they didn't know when they would be there :mad: wth?

Diane Sue-sorry to hear you started w/ so much pain this morning. I hope it gets better. did you sleep wrong?

My workout today was STS Meso 3 Disc 37 Legs. I used the Bowflex for the squats and barbell and 20# vest for the rest. I did 4 sets of 30 reps of calf raises during some of the breaks with 20# kettlebells and one set of 60 with just the weighted vest on. Then I did 4 sets of 25 reps seated calf raises on the Bowflex with 310# resistance and did 10 leg presses in between sets. Time doing weights was 71 min and calories burned was 339. I finished off with Tracie Long;s Longivity Series Step Forward 53 minutes and burned 393 calories. I liked this even better this time:D I may go back and foam roll a bit. Workout was 1 hr 54 min and I burned 732 calories total
STS legs weight:
squats: warm up sets Bowflex 180# 12 reps; 200# 12 reps
Squats Bowflex; 4 sets 8 reps 280# resistance
Stiff Legged Deadlift: 4 sets 8 reps 100# ( I left off at 110 last time but wasn't sure since low back was aching this morning)
front squat: 4 sets 8 reps 65#
Static Lunge: 4 sets 8 reps 85#

Theresa, it seems really cloudy here today. I don't think it was sleeping wrong. I think it had something to do with the Fluidity workout. Although I have had some pretty bad nightmares lately and last night was one of them. Don't have dh here to wake me up like he does.

Linda, that is great that you were able to do some strength work. I really do like Travel Fit. Tempted to take it with me on vacation. There are classes at the resort though and I sort of thought it would mainly be a rest week. I will see though.

Charlotte, sounds like you are going to have a pleasant day:D
I did Lauren Brooks new KB workout this morning. I only used my 10, 15 & 20 lb bells. My shoulders are bothering me. Not sure if this was the best thing to do. It was an okay workout. Max HR was 156 and I burned 570 calories in 75". I also did Jill Miller's Post Athletic Stretch - Tennis segment and some Kundalin...i yoga, warmup segment, brain booster and a stress meditation. Need MORE stretching! No time though.

Diane Sue - I had really bad nightmares last night also.

Have a great day everyone.
Lora, sometimes those nightmares affect my mood in the mornings. They tend to stay with me till I can get things under control again.:confused:
Theresa- I really liked Travel Fit. I got a great burn in my Biceps and Shoulders. Only thing I didn't get was Cathe kept talking about keeping the fat burning going and I didn't real feel like it was a "fat burning" workout.:confused: I was disappointed in the core section, I wish Cathe would do something other than just floor work all the time. I hate floor work.

DianeSue - You sure are hitting those calves hard!:)
Linda, I am hitting the calves hard and doing them 3 times a week. Today when I was putting on my shoes I noticed that I am finally getting some calves:D Now if I could just get a butt. Not thighs but a butt. My thighs want to get bigger first:confused:
Linda, I am hitting the calves hard and doing them 3 times a week. Today when I was putting on my shoes I noticed that I am finally getting some calves:D Now if I could just get a butt. Not thighs but a butt. My thighs want to get bigger first:confused:

DianeSue - Those are the two things that I have too much of! Now if I could just figure out how to get rid of some. But really, that's terrific that you are seeing some results in your calves! Sorry no advice on the butt, as I am always trying to reduce mine.
Linda I could really use something. Shopping for jeans is such an issue. They may fit the legs but then by the time they get to the mid butt area they are gaping. Loose fitting jeans just want to fall off. Then I buy size 0's and they all are super low:0 I am too old to have my undies hanging out of my pants. I think matched thighs and butt is better than tiny butt and big thighs. I guess we just have to work with what we have:)

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