<---hard to say I love you in a song...


<---have to say I love you in a song...

<---just missing my OAL buddies :(
<---having kind of bad day
<---explains that DH works at GM Dealership, says for those you following the dealership closures...enough said
<---says his bosses won't say anything and hope that a public list like Chrysler's yesterday will be posted somewhere...
<---thinks the waiting is TERRIBLE
<---wonders how everybody is doing?
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<--is really sorry for Melissa's worries
<--can't imagine how unbearable the wait must be
<--is super glad it is Friday
<--may be going to a picnic tomorrow, and if we don't that is AOK to
<--just hopes for good weather


<--says Hey and sends big, big, hugs to Melissa
<--is getting ready to roll for the afternoon activities
<--did B&G today and laughed so hard when Cathe suggested moving legs during planks that <--bumped <--'s head on <--'s step-topper.
<--hopes Ms. Nancy finds something pretty and comfy to hold the girls during the family get-together
<--is very busy - usual end of year stuff plus moving, getting married, keeping the folks out of trouble.....
<--hopes everyone is doing ok and hanging in there


<---Thanks you guys.
<---Still waiting...guesses GM won't release a list.
<---Must stop looking :)
<---Hopes all of you have a dandy day and a splendid weekend. :)


<---doesn't hang around here as much and almost missed Melissa's arrow
<---is sorry for the worry and potential hard times
<---says the waiting is the hardest part


<--thanks Robin for bumping this up!
<--sends big (((HUGS))) to Melissa
<--thinks waiting is the worst :(
<--waves to Ms Suzanne and hopes her wedding planning is going well
<--sends good weather vibes to Meggles
<--says the storms are here,.....again :(

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