Cardio today, I did Low Max, it has been awhile, it amazes me how I have not done this one i awhile and I remeber the steps but sometimes can't remember what I did yesterday!! I will post eats later.
Today was Legs and Calves and I really had a great workout. I'm really liking working my legs lately. Not sure why? It's weird. I use to dread leg day and now I look forward to it.

Anyways, legs are still rubbery after this one!

1 min. 30 sec. rest between each exercise.

Leg Extensions - 65#/12 reps - 3 sets

Leg Press Station - 160#/12 reps - 4 sets
***I really love this station. I'm so glad I purchased it.

Hack Squats - 60#/12 reps - 1 set
Hack Squats - 65#/12 reps - 3 sets
***Haven't done these in a long time. I like this exercise.

Elevated Deadlifts - 80#/12 reps - 4 sets
***About this time I started sweating like crazy. Not sure what it is with deads, but they always make me sweat.

Lying Leg Curls - 30#/12 reps - 1 set
Lying Leg Curls - 35#/12 reps - 2 sets

Leg Press Station Calf Raises - Toes Forward - 160#/25 reps
Leg Press Station Calf Raises - Toes In - 160#/25 reps
Leg Press Station Calf Raises - Toes Out - 160#/25 reps
Leg Press Station Calf Raises - Toes Forward - 160#/25 reps
***These really burned by sets 3 and 4. Love doing calf raises with this station.
Roselyn-I felt the same way about Power Max last week, it has been years and I remembered almost every step....I think the music has a lot to do with that. Nice workout. I shall not be posting eats, let's just say it was tragic :(

Debbie-What kind of leg press station did you get? Does it take up a lot of room? Are you able to do hack squats on it? Ok, enough questions ;) Nice workout as usual, nothing like rubbery legs to say job well done.

Yesterday I was a ball of gross-ness (if that is a word). Snot, cramps, and stomach issues...it was not pretty :eek: I managed to get a pretty decent workout in despite all systems failing at once. I did RUMBLE from Amy Bento b/c it was difficult but there was no bouncing-I did all the combos, the upper body drills, and one heavy bag combo. I wore 1# gloves and tried to give it my all. Workout was around 45 min. Today is total body, I will use the TRX.
I got up at 4:20 this morning. Had a hard time getting started but still ended up with a decent workout. I started with Amy Bento's Step Challenge 4 w/up combos 1,2, combined 1&2, Power ups. 36 minutes, 244 calories Max HR 159. I will be glad when I get these combos down so I can move onto the other two. Since the grandbaby was due to arrive I chose Amy's Kickbox Surge premix w/up, combos 1,2,3, core and stretch 52 min, 379 calories, Max HR 156. The "training partner" was excited over this one. She would try to follow and then go punch the heavy bag for awhile. It was when the gliding discs started flying around like frisbees that I had to start ducking. Finally had to explain that she couldn't throw them. She liked the abs with the med ball. I finished off with Turbo Fire Core 20, 20 min 87 calories. Total time spent 1 hr 48 min and calories burned 710.

Roselyn, I am always amazed that I remember the steps in workouts that I have not done in a very long time.

Debbie, glad that you are finally enjoying working legs. I still don't. But I keep at them anyway.

Theresa, I was in the not posting eating rut a couple of days ago. It was a disaster.
Yesterday I did the BC/ME premix. Like that one - but there were a lot of interruptions. Something was wrong with Skyler. Hopefully, she's better today. Ended up taking her to the vet because her symptoms reminded me of the way she acted when she had Meningitis a couple years ago. We almost lost her. The vet didn't think it had anything to do with that - or her spine (Beagle's can be prone to disc problems). She 'screamed' when the Vet poked at her stomach once, so we're treating her for that and hoping she just got into something that will resolve itself. I have 2 Dr. appts. today :( . Dreading going, but one of them is a follow up on the sleep study (finally - long story). The other one's important, too. I am a big baby about Dr. appointments. I'll try to get in my workout before I go -- thinking about doing something from 4DS. Yesterday's premix did touch on shoulder's but I could probably do LIS and still be ok. Not a lot of energy, so I'm leaning towards that.

Diane Sue - Your training partner sure gives you a run for your money. Working out in the midst of an Ultimate Frisbee tournament :eek: Your stories about Olivia give me such a smile. Sounds like everyday is an 'extreme sport' with her. You have the patience of a saint, I think :) .

Theresa - It HAS to be a word (gross-ness) - it describes how I've felt on and off quite a bit lately. I am sure you weren't, but sorry you felt that way -- good on you for getting in a workout in spite of it :D

Debbie - Nice job today :) I really like hack squats too (but I do them old school with a barbell - not sure what set up you have). They sure get in there. It can be tough for me to THINK about doing legs, but once I get going, they're one of my favorite muscle groups to work. Tough to think about anything else, though I guess that's so about working out, period ;)

Roselyn - Low Max is a good one. I've noticed the same thing (that you and Theresa mentioned) about remembering step choreography. Once those patterns get in our heads they seem to stay there. Wish more things were like that in my memory. I can bop through Rhythmic Step on auto pilot but ... what was I going to say? :confused:

Hi Cheryl, Teddy Girl, Linda, Char and Hermia -- Lora? Anyone I ... forgot ... -- hope you all have a great day.

Hello Maniacs!

I'm still working out just here and there and doing this and that.
Yesterday did Legs, but got my workout in very late so only did squats and deads.

Did my own thing as I don't have some the leg machine Deb has
1 min rest
80# Squats 1 set and 10 reps
95# Squats 1 set and 8 reps
200# Squats 4 sets of 8

Deads: 130# 4 sets/8

Today I am doing Coremax 2, 40 mins on Elliptical and Shoulders plus some cleaning.

Have a great day everyone!

Debbie, glad you are liking the rotation!! Your doing great~
Happy Thursday everyone!

I'm not quite sure where this week went? I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. I'm not looking forward to my first weekend "home" and not at camp. :( I do have a lot of work to do, and hopefully I will even get some motivation to actually start packing :rolleyes: and getting things ready to move. I still don't have a closing date or a "final" word from the bank, however, things still seem to keep moving forward, so I'm trying to stay positive. Today was KP&C - not my fav workout, but I did it. I also have been trying to keep my tapeworm under control today, which has been pretty good (so far). :)

Debbie - Nice workout today! I still can't believe you are enjoying leg work - WHAT?? LOL. I actually like leg work sometimes, especially B&G when I first got it!! I think I did that workout almost every week! I hope you have a great day.

Lori- Good luck with the doc appts. I know you are not looking forward to going, but maybe it's better to just get them over with - 2 in one day might be a good idea considering your dread factor. ;) I hope everything goes well and also hope Skyler is ok. What did the vet think the problem was?

Diane Sue - Us early birds get the worms - :p I was up stupid early again this morning- I think it was about 2:45. :eek: I also had a hard time getting going, but basically downed a big cup of coffee, fed the dogs and let them out, and then jumped right into my workout.

Theresa - You sound like I feel - LOL!! I hope you are feeling better and nice workout today despite the "gross-ness". :)

Roselyn - I haven't done Low Max in a while - I might have to pull that one out!!

Hi to everyone else!
Breakfast - Powerbar
Snacks - 2 low fat string cheese 2 apples
lunch - chicken barley soup, 4 dark chocolate Hershey kisses
dinner - Turkey sandwich (dry with lettuce/tomato/red peppers on wheat)
cals: 1410

That's my plan anyway!

Wow, it is TTOM and I am having some aweful cramps and a headache today. :confused: I took Midol this morning and I can tell how well it's helping...

Roselyn - Nice job with Low Max. It's cool how we remember these workouts, isn't it? I remember doing RS after I hadn't done it in literally years and I remembered it like I had done it the day before. The mind is incredible!

Theresa - This is my leg press unit: http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2845880 Nice job with Rumble, I've only done that one once and it didn't really click with me. Maybe I need to try it again?

Diane Sue - Nice combo of cardio!! I bet you had fun with all that. I still want to order Amy's new step workouts but her chore is so damn hard. I just get too frustrated trying to learn it. But I keep hearing how fun it is. Maybe one day...

Lori - Good luck with your doctors appointments. I use to be that way, too, but for some odd reason I could care less if I have to go now. Doesn't really bother me. I just figure I have to do it, may as well just get it done. Hope everything turns out ok for you. I also hope Skyler is feeling better. It sucks when our little friends are sick. :( I also do hack squats the old school way with a barbell. I have no machine for that one.

Char - 200# squats? ARE YOU NUTS!!!??? Holy moly! Nice workout girl! :eek:

Cheryl - I'm sure moving can be very stressful yet exciting at the same time. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. :)

Where's Hermia been? Haven't seen her post lately. And Teddygirl - where are you????
Eats so far:

Breakfast-2 oatmeal protein pancakes, with 1/2 banana
Snacks- 1T peanut butter, apple,
Lunch-1 egg, 2 egg whites scrambled
Dinner-salmon, veggies

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