Great Daytona Turn Out So Far

I'm super nervous (and excited)! I was kicking myself for missing the last Daytona & the Orlando one but it just wasn't in the budget for me. I'm committed this time & glad I got another opportunity to do something I've wanted to do for years.
First Time Tripper

I just signed up for the trip! So excited and pumped! :) My husband is actually coming with me as well (he's so supportive). He may not attend all the classes, but he's looking forward to Daytona, good eats, meeting Cathe (he knows all about her workouts from me!), and "hanging with all the girls" :) I'm originally from MI but just moved to Orlando last summer. What nice timing! The location is perfect now (only 1-1/2 drive). I'm sure we'll have a blast and meet some great people while we are there.

Is there a class schedule yet? I'd like to know what kinds of classes are planned when. For instance, if there's a type of class I'm not all that crazy about, like Kickbox, I'd like to know so I can make plans to do something else during that time frame. I'd also like to know what kinds of classes to expect, since I've never done a RT before! Thank you.
I'm SO looking forward to the schedule so I can figure out which outfits to wear to each class! Some work better than others :)
Kymber, all the classes will be a total blast even if one of them is not your favorite at home!
...I too was wondering about the classes- afraid I may not be able to keep up if it is something I've not done- and what is the typical class set up on the RTs? Are there mirrors, carpeted it hard to follow in such a large class; I have been working out exclusively for the last several year and not been in a gym traditional set up in 10 years.....suggestions from others on how to make it the best experience for someone typically shy? I'm concerned about twisting my ankle or something that I can see myself doing! Very nervous and hoping I get over my cold- have been 7 days w/little or minimal working out (1st cold in 4 years, of course the week before the RT).....coming from NC through Orlando direct flight and shuttle to DB hotel.
imn2food, the NJ RT at Cathe's gym is hardwood floors; I've not been to other Destination RTs but from pictures it looks like it's usually carpet. I used to workout in a gym that had carpet flooring and it wasn't a big deal. You can always skip the fancy pivot steps :) Lots of people modify Cathe's workouts and no one cares; it's all about having fun! I can also be shy but with endorphins sky-high and being around so many other great people I met a lot of people and you will, too. You'll be fine and have a blast.
I hope you're over your cold so you can enjoy yourself more!
I'm also flying into Orlando on Thursday (supposed to arrive @ 4:40) and taking DoShuttle to the hotel but I still need to make my reservation for that so I hope it works out okay. Maybe I'll see you on the bus!
I'm super excited and do hope my cold ends - I'd really like to get in a few good workouts this week- I'm flying into Orlando Fri and taking the shuttle mid morning. Usually for a trip I'd already be packed and ready to go; this cold has knocked me down. Hope the RT is fun- thanks for the moral support :) Have a great week! Kimberly
Hi guys!! This will be my first RT & I'm freaking out! Lol! I'm soooo anxious and excited! Looking forward to meeting you gals and having a great time! I hope I can keep up as well, I'm not big into step classes.... Does anyone know if she'll be doing one and if so.... How difficult will it be for a beginner?
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Hi Panariqua, it is my first RT too- where are you coming from?

I'm coming in from NC. And nervous, hence the posted at 3am EST, and am recovering from a recent cold.

I have come to love Cathe step- To the Max, X77 (step portion the first one) has good solid step that I was able to start last year and ease into other step routines. I am in love with Party Rockin Step 2, IMAX step (and the intervals somewhat, haha), and a lot of others. If you are a member of Cathe Live- there are several recorded ones since May I've used to help learn traditional moves I was not familiar with; one from the Live is from the July RT, it is a good workout about 45 min and pure current fav step is Step blast- it took me 75 min the first time to get through it (rewind over and over) - but once I did, I totally loved it.

Oh, and the 40/20 and 30/30 have good athletic type step - good workouts too- I've not done those in a few months.....also, I have used the OnDemand and completed older step from the late 90's and early 2000's to help with learning Cathe moves.

I'm on the opposite spectrum, I've not had the luxury to do the heavier lifting....yet; that is my goal for the rest of 2014/2015- need to invest in heavier weights and esp for the new Ripped with Hiit I'm super excited about.

I was wondering too what kind of classes would be done on the RT- I guess we will find out soon enough. I'm wearing running shoes to the RT instead of my usual cross trainers due to the recent need for more cushioning (over 40 I guess that is what happens) so hoping I can still pivot and not trip too many times!

Have safe travels!!! Kimberly
Hi Kimberly! I'm coming from New York. Thanks for the reply:) I'm going to check out one of her step DVDs you suggested to get a little comfy with it I'm soooo bad with following in step classes, tried them a handful of times and I'm always "that one" facing the back while everyone is facing forward and turning to the left when everyone is stepping to the rightlol ohhh boyy! But I'm excited and will jump into it anyway sooo fair warning if we end up side by side! :)
Ok we'll meet soon!:) safe travels to all!!
...Hi Natasha, I will need help in other areas, and just hoping I can see if in the very back due to being vertically challenged- 4'11. Ha! I've never done YOGA ever and have not done as much core as I should! Always room for improvement. I'll be the one still coughing from the cold I had from all the weather changes. I'm hoping it will cease by Friday- or they may not let me on the plane! Kidding.

Very nervous- hope it is fun. My husband has had more time to get excited this week than I have due to work demands. He will be poolside reading or running while I'm getting my Cathe on.....super excited.

We expect to be there 1130 am EST after flying into Orlando and renting a car for the short drive to DB! Super duper excited!
I'm so looking forward to attending my first ever RT! I'm excited and nervous. I actually live right here in town so this is super cool. I don't know what to expect and wondering about the schedule too. I see that check-in is 12-3 tomorrow. Is that for the hotel check in? Is the first class @ 3:00? Since I will not be staying at the hotel I will come right there, just wondering if I should be there @ 12 or what will be going on. Does anybody have any input? Can't wait to meet everyone!
Hi HappyMom- I think 12-2:30 is the check in at the Cathe stand registration and shopping :) - then as you noted the 3pm 1st first workout. I am wondering if there will be any step classes- I hope so. How's the weather is hot and humid? My hair just love the humidity, haha! See you there- Kimberly

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