GNC Womens Ultra Mega Active Vitapak


Just wondering of any of my fellow Cathletes had tried these, and if so, what did you think? I've never really taken supplements until I tried these, the first three days I felt nauseous all day, to the point I didn't want to work out. Now I'm on my 3rd week of using them, and they give me more energy, I don't have to pause Cathe as much! My belly also looks flatter, not sure of that is a coincidence or from To The Max and CrossFire :) At any rate, I'm still new to diet and nutrition and I know it's preferable to get nutrients through a balanced diet but I'm basically wondering if I should keep up with these or give them up. Any tips or advice is appreciated! Thanks!


Take L-Carnitine and energy enhancer about 45 minutes prior to working out, or 1st thing in the morning on non-workout days...Take the separate calcium before bed...Split multi's, one in the morning and one in the afternoon...I personally believe there is not enough CLA in this pack, though...Keep in mind, this multi does NOT have iron in it...

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