Glassboro Road Trip 2013- Thanks for Coming

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Big Group Hugs To Our 2013 Glassboro Roadtrippers! I can’t begin to share with you how much I miss you already. I go through this every year as the last person leaving embraces in one last hug and walks away to their car. We both look back with a big wave and then part ways. As I turn back into the health club my eyes immediately fill with tears. While the tears are initially of sadness because the roadtrip is over, they are quickly replaced with tears of love, happiness & pride. I walk back to my office reflecting on what we’ve accomplished, shared, and achieved….the bonds we’ve built, the friendships we’ve made, the passion for fitness we’ve shared….the journey we took, the confidence we exuded, the empowerment we felt and the inspiration we created. And we did it all on laughter, sweat, trust….. and very little sleep…lol.

Was that a FANTASTIC weekend or what???? The energy is always at an all time high on the roadtrips. From the minute you arrive you are hearing laughter, excitement, meeting friends who all share a common love for fitness and totally get all your stories of “Pop Pop Duck”, “Hip Hop Repeaters” and “Power 15’s”. Your t-shirts of empowering words, your bracelets of strength and support, your flexed (and signed ) biceps, lol…. your pictures, your courageous stories and your high energy cheers of “what you do to one side you do to the other” and your chance to share your favorite moves with all your Cathlete friends! A weekend of hard work, determination, courage, strength all under one roof! A chance to “Kick, Punch & Crunch” a chance to “Step, Jump and Pump”, a chance to ZUMBA, a chance to stand on the filming set and be a cast member for a moment, a chance to meet the cast, a chance to have your family and friends share classes with you on our Cathe Live broadcasts. And on a much more poignant note, a chance to share our love and support amongst our Cathlete friends as we acknowledge the beautiful spirit of our Cathlete friends who have passed, and our Cathlete friends who currently suffer from illness or have family members who suffers from illness. We work out hard in their honor and show our support through bracelets of courage, through temporary tattoos of awareness and other meaningful expressions of love and encouragement. Every year we are bonded by this dedication and it makes us stronger and more committed to our own health as well as those in need.

I’d like to thank every one of you for coming and sharing this experience with me. I’d also like to thank our roadtrip coordinators Cyndi and Debbie for volunteering their hard work and time in making this year’s roadtrip another great success. I also know many of you helped out in many ways to make things run smoother. Thank you kindly for that!

In closing, I hope as your plane landed and/or your car pulled into your driveway, you returned with a sense of renewed inspiration, accomplishment, and endearing memories that will last a lifetime. Yes, it’s true, we are in this together…. today, tomorrow and the days that follow… as we all know fitness is our lifestyle, our journey, and I’m so happy to share this ongoing journey with you!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my empowered heart!

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Thank you. Cripes!! What a bunch of fun. A lot of sweat, smiles, lobby parties, no sleep and grand memories. The folks at the 4 Seasons are spectacular.

My thanks to Deb and Cyn. Adore you two.

Stay strong.

I so look forward to the next.
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This was my first RT and I had an amazing time. I was honored to meet you and really appreciate your kind and genuine spirit. You made everyone feel special!! My family and friends couldn't wait to hear all about my trip:).

Thanks to everyone who helped make the trip a success. I had a blast!!



The spirit of the event was incredible!

I left feeling over-joyed and very thankful to have met you, Cathe, and so many other wonderful women:D

Special shout-out, Cindy -- thank you for always being happy to take pictures for us! You captured my most favorite memories!

I really had no idea how amazing this road trip would be but it was exceptional. Looking forward to the next one!


I confess that I wasn't interested in attending a Road Trip until I saw the videos. Looks like so much fun, and you could feel the energy/joy, even virtually. If there is one next year, I am going register and hope it doesn't fill up too fast.

Barbara P

Thank you Cathe and crew for once again making us feel special with such a special weekend. The energy is just incredible. Miss everyone already!


I miss you, too, Cathe!

In all my years of imagining what the Road Trip is like (and wondering if the next year will be the year that I finally get to go), I never pictured it being as FANTASTIC as it was! I knew it would be great, but it surpassed all my hopes and wishes!

In a way, it was better to wait till now to go because all of my 6 children have grown up with me doing your workouts. And since we moved into this house a few years ago, my bedroom is my workout room, so my husband wakes up to me working out with you every day :D . So they all knew just how much this meant for me to come and they were able to share in the joys with me. My youngest son (10 years old) saw a picture of me afterwards and said, "You mean you got to meet Cathe?" Even he was impressed! :)

And it was wonderful that I was able to talk my daughter Terra into coming to the gym on Monday so she could see me work out with you and get to meet you, too!

I hope you can feel just how magical it is for us to get to work out with you LIVE after doing it for so long on video. I hope that we are able to convey that to you because it's hard to put into words!

Many thanks to you and all who helped make the weekend so memorable!


I love reading the posts, esp from the first timers :) It was an incredible weekend of connecting and reconnecting!! Thank you Cathe and staff as well as Cyn, Deb, and I believe Jennifer(who was helping out with pics). The energy was high. Spirits soared and so did a few bodies :eek: Your hard work is appreciated!! Until we meet again **mwah**

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