Getting Out of the Rut - Wednesday



This morning I did Supersets again and Basic Step, one of these days I will advance to LIC, one of these days!!!

Lisa - congratulations on winning the BL, that is fantasic.

Hope everyone has a great day!!


Hi all.

Cheryl, good job with the workout.

Lisa, wow, your weight loss is great! Congratulations.

Wendy, our official temperature yesterday was 88!!! Normal temps this time of year is usually in the 50s.

I should have come back yesterday and posted about my workout. It was terrible. I couldn't get through Hiit 40/20. I've done it before, never easily, but I just couldn't do it yesterday. My heart rate spiked and wouldn't go down. I'm going to blame it on the unusually high temperatures. I was so disappointed in my workout, I went and had a piece of cake. :eek:

I'm planning Plyo Legs today. It's just as hot as yesterday, so I hope I get through it. No cake today! Promise.


I got my workout done yesterday, did leaner legs, I am definitely feeling it today! Not sure what I will pick for today. We have a big meeting this afternoon with the kids attorney and the caseworker so I plan to workout after dinner. May just hit the treadmill, just have to see, I might feel like doing some kickbox depending on how the meeting goes!! I will check in tomorrow! I hope everyone has a great day!

...don't feel too bad about the weather it snowed 3 inches here this morning and it was cold!!

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