Getting Out of the Rut - Wednesday


Hi gang!

Today was another busy day so I only had a chance to do Jules Benson's Core and Strength Pilates. I've decided to do this workout 3x's a week.

Tomorrow things should start to settle down although I doubt it. My husband is off Friday and then decided to take next week as a vacation week because Megan is off on spring break.

But none of this matters because I'm sticking with my new program, P90X along with pilates and cardio and I will (should) stick with it.

Hope everyone is doing well.



Well just finished Disc 14 Legs!! I just hope I can walk up the basement steps when I get done with this. They are shakey!!! I also did no equipment abs afterwards. I will be feeling it tomorrow for sure!! Feels really good to be doing workouts again. I feel like that is a major accomplishment in itself!

I hope everyone is having a great day! I will check in tomorrow!



Hi all.

Cheryl, I love the determined and dedicated sound of your post. Keep sticking with it!

Sallie, how do you like Ab Circuits? I really like. So much variation.

I did STS dics 32 Plyo Legs. I'm beat. The diet continues to continue. I'm actually looking forward to the weekly weigh in. I hope the scale doesn't dash my hopes. I'm going to weigh in Sunday morning and have a cheat day so I can enjoy Easter dinner.


Hi everyone! No workout for me again today; I wanted to give my back one more day to heal. I think I will attempt some cardio tomorrow.

Great job on the workouts today!!

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