Getting out of the rut - Tuesday


My eating hasn't been too great but I got a good workout in today. I did cross train xpress 10-10-10. Which was just enough for today, but I was able to go all out which I am not able to do on some of the harder workouts. I didn't get my workout in yesterday due to therapy session for the kids.

I'm still hanging in there, been really frustrated in trying to balance everything on my plate right now.

I hope everyone has a great evening!



I did MMA Boxing tonight. That workout is so much fun. I have done well with eating and cardio but I can't get out of my weight lifting rut. My excuse this week is that I wouldn't be able to keep to my plan this week anyway because of my oral surgery on Thursday. Lame! I've got to get it together!

I hear you on the frustration with balancing everything. The only thing that keeps me sane most days is my connection with God. Hopefully you have something that you can plug into that helps you too! Keep up with the workouts - it's a great stress reliever.

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