Getting Out of the Rut - Tuesday



I almost forgot to post, today was P90X Shoulders & Arms, then Cathe's Core Max with the stability ball and medicine ball.

I didn't have time for cardio because I had to take the car in, I'll definately do cardio tomorrow.

Lisa - I like Jules alot, her workout is around 1 hour and it's a combination of everything, it' can be intense and I can really feel it in my core. It's totally enjoyable and with her cueing you really don't even need to watch the TV to follow.

Have a great day!!!!
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Hello everyone! I got another workout in today. I did Cardio Core Circuit drills only. The cardio is tough but I made it through with only a couple extra breaks to catch my breath.

This process has definitely been extremely stressful. This group has been one of the best things for me. To keep up my interest and motivation to continue my quest of losing weight despite the everyday challenges with the kids. I hope we get to keep them but I just want to know either way what is going to happen. Its hard dealing with it day to day!

Talk to you all tomorrow!


Hi gang. I looked for the thread yesterday, but didn't see it. Yeah, I see it today. It must have been on page two.

I'm doing pretty well. I set a goal to lose 10 pounds by the first full week of May. I've done pretty well since I started last week, with only a minor slip on Sunday. I'm still doing the STS/SC rotation. Only two more weeks. Hard to believe 3 months has gone so fast.

Sally, I understand the stress of not knowing what is going to happen in the future. Believe me, raising a special needs son, and then a grandson, and then LOSING our grandson has taught me to try to take each day as it come. That's really hard for me too. I am a major worrier. How are the kids adjusting to you?

Wendy, was the RT wonderful? It looked great. I don't think I'll be getting to the one in New Jersey this year, whenever it is. I'm taking a trip to Niagara Falls and to Spokane to visit my mother and sister. With those two trips, plus family visits to VA Beach, I just can't afford a Cathe weekend. I'm hoping there is one next year.

Cheryl, I hope the meds kick in soon. Will they have to adjust your dose, or change meds if you don't improve?

Lisa, the scale is evil. Ignore it. (Yeah, that's easy to say...)

Jodi, so what do you think happened with your back? Pulled muscle? Spasm? I hope it continues to improve.

Linda, how's the eating going for you?

I did SC Hiit 40/20 and Ab circuit Pilates Style today. My eating has been good, except for a couple hard candies after lunch. I try to limit myself to one as a kind of dessert, but had 3 before I knew it. I've managed to spread out the stuff I like (rice cake with PB, oatmeal with protein powder) through out the day, so I can survive the stuff I'm not crazy about (egg whites - ugh) with something to look forward to. It seems to be working.


Sallie, sorry to hear that the stress is getting to you. I agree that it's hard not knowing what's going to happen. (((hugs))) to you; hope everything works out for you!

Robin, I think it was some kind of muscle thing, maybe a spasm. It is still a bit sore, but getting better. I am just relieved that it wasn't a disc or something more serious. Good for you on keeping at the workouts and eating....good luck reaching your goal! I am sorry to hear that you won't be at the RT. We are trying not to spend much around here too given what we've had on our plate lately, but DH is so sweet about considering the RT trip a "necessity" for me that I think he's managed to work it into the budget.

No workout for me again today as I'm going easy on my back, but I did walk to and from school with one of the kids today, so at least I got out and about a bit.

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