Getting Out of the Rut - Thursday



Where did everyone go? I hope everything is alright, I'm starting to feel lonely here.

Anyway, this morning was Pilates. I'm really going to work on the nibbling problem I have that should help me alot.

Have a great day,


I am here! It has been so crazy at work the past few days and we have had some issues surface with the kids this past weekend. It has been hard. I have been sticking to the workouts very well. My eating on the other hand has been so good. I have eaten out a lot and just not making good choices right now due to the stress I have been under. I have been trying to turn that around the last couple of days. It has been hard but I am doing better.

I really enjoy checking in with all of you because it helps keep me grounded and stay tuned to what's important for me.

The weather is really cold, with rain snow mix. I am so ready for spring to be here!! Well, I got to run, I have lots to do at work today!

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