Getting Out of the Rut - Friday



Today was pilates and I did edge, trim, cut and fertilize the grass. My husband will be so proud of me, just kidding, if I didn't do it it wouldn't get done he hates doing it worse than I do.

What I dislike most about it is our neighbor throws his ciagrette butts all over our lawn. Last year I collected them and threw them back on his grass at the end of the lawn cutting season. He just feels he can do whatever he wants and who cares, he spends weekends working on his "lawn and flower beds" (using those terms extremely loosely), but you'd never know it.

Oh well, what can I do.
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!


Today was a major cheat day for me. I ate out all day long. It was my b-day. The weather was ultra nasty, pouring rain/snow mix and cold temperatures all day today. We have 1-3 inches of snow coming tonight!

But I did manage to squeeze in a workout, did upper body split from cross train xpress. My arms are shaking. I felt that I should at least do something since I have not done well on eating today at all.

I will be back on track tomorrow. I plan on getting some good cardio going tomorrow maybe I'll be brave and do Imax 2.

I hope everyone has a great evening!

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