Getting Out of the Rut - Friday


Hi gang!!

This morning I did Slow & Heavy Biceps and Triceps along with Tracey Staehle's Core Strength and Conditioning, 2 of my favorite workouts.

Eating has been rather good lately, especially the water.

Today is another busy day, everyone have a great one!!!!


Hi everyone!

I did Muscle Max this morning. It has been a long time since I've done the whole thing, including abs, and it kicked my butt! I finished an hour ago, and I still feel tired! Whew.

Cheryl, I love S&H Bis and Tris. I first recorded that one off of FitTV, and loved it so much I bought the whole DVD. I have also been good about my water lately. I think your mentioning it the last couple of weeks has been helpful in reminding me, so thanks!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Edit: Lisa, thanks for the info on implantable contacts. So far I'm still doing okay with my regular contacts. DH had lasik a few years ago with great results. I've never been evaluated for lasik, but I have to admit I'm a bit scared of the idea of eye surgery. But I do like to hear about other options in case I manage to get my nerve up some day!
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Buzy time of year with the little guys. Have them involved in a few different things and they also play outside a lot right now.

Yesterday I did STS Disc 2 - Back and Tris. Today I did a HIIT run. Haven't done HIIT in a while - it really kicked my butt!

Cheryl - I have never heard of implantable contact lenses. Very interesting. Hope it all works out well for you.

Jodi - I haven't done MM for a long time. It is a good full body workout!

Well, I made it six days. I will have to finish up tomorrow with Disc 3 (legs) and will then take Sunday off.

Hope everyone else is well!


Happy Friday! I did All Step off of the cross train xpress. I have really enjoyed those workouts. My abs have been sore working them almost everyday. My eating has been much better today. Not sure what I am doing for dinner tonight. It will depend on whether the kids' mom feeds them during visitation or not.

Muscle Max is one of my favorites too. I haven't done that workout in awhile myself. I was thinking of doing some yoga tomorrow. I think the workouts that are around an 50 min to an hour are a good length of time for me. I don't seem to be as hungry as when I workout for longer than that.

I hope everyone has a great evening!

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