Get Ready for Summer 2008 Rotation!!!!

Burn fat and tone up with this rotation! Hope you enjoy it!

Day 1: 4DS LIS/HIS Upper Body premix (67 min.)
Day 2: Low Max Intervals 1-4 premix; LIS Core Work (55 min.)
Day 3: Pyramid Lower Body; Floor work of L&G (61 min.)
Day 4: Pyramid Upper Body (57 min.)
Day 5: 4DS LIS/HIS Double Cardio premix (57 min.)
Day 6: Kick, Punch & Crunch/L&G DVD - Kickbox & High Step Circuit premix (50 min.)
Day 7: Rest!

Day 1: CTX Upper Body Split (50 minutes)
Day 2: Step Blast; Abs from 4DS BC/KB DVD (65 min.)
Day 3: Butts & Gutts, no ab work (57 min.)
Day 4: BM2 Double Upper Body premix (72 min.)
Day 5: 4DS BC/KB Cardio Power premix; Abs from B&G (either workout) (68 min.)
Day 6: Step, Jump & Pump, no abs (60 min.)
Day 7: Rest!

Day 1: Muscle Max Upper Body premix; Muscle Max abs (55 min.)
Day 2: Drill Max Ultra Cardio Blast (63 min.)
Day 3: Legs & Glutes; abs from Muscle Endurance (60 min.)
Day 4: 4DS LIS/HIS Upper Body premix (67 min.)
Day 5: Kick, Punch & Crunch, no abs (68 min.)
Day 6: High Step Challenge (68 min.)
Day 7: Rest!

Day 1: Push/Pull Upper Body 3 sets premix (65 min.)
Day 2: Low Max (70 min.)
Day 3: Push/Pull Lower Body 3 sets premix; Abs from KP&C (45 min.)
Day 4: Muscle Endurance Upper Body Split (44 min.)
Day 5: Imax 2 (55 min.)
Day 6: Drill Max (72 min.)
Day 7: Rest!

Generic breakdown:

For all weeks
Day 1: Upper body
Day 2: Cardio
Day 3: Lower Body
Day 4: Upper Body
Day 5: Cardio
Day 6: Circuit
Day 7: Rest
***Two days of abs each week.


Wow! Thanks for doing this, Debbie! It looks great! I'm going to have to finish up my current rotation before doing this one, but this will be up next!:)


Active Member
I have never done a rotation before, but I'm thinking of trying this one. Could you suggest a substitution for High Step Challenge and the Muscle Max upper body premix? I have almost all of Cathe's other dvds except for the gym styles and HSTA. Thanks so much!!



Could anyone recommend a good substitute for Push/Pull? I have most of Cathe's other weight workouts, just not that one.

Laura - Just substitute HSC with any circuit workout and MM upper body with any upper body workout. If you need to use one of the workouts that have already been scheduled, just do that.

Leanne - Same with you. Use any upper body workout you have or that has been scheduled already.

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