Get out of your Rut on Tuesday


Sorry to be hit and miss lately. I was sick last week and, as some of you know, my mom passed away on Easter. She was living in WA state, near my sister, and suffered from dementia, so her passing hasn't been as difficult as it could have been. My wonderful sister has been taking care of everything. My mom is to be cremated and my sister will bring her ashes east sometime this summer so we can bury her in her plot in NY.

I missed most of last weeks workouts with my illness and my eating went to h*ll. I'm re-doing last week's rotation, so I did STS 31 Chest and Back yesterday. Today I'll be doing Hiit 40/20, unless I opt to run instead. I have to start running again, now that the weather permits.

Cheryl, ((hugs)) about the recall. I hope everything is OK.

Wendy, belated welcome home. The RT looked amazing.

Jodi, glad to hear the back is all better.

Any other rutters out there? I kept looking for the thread yesterday. I guess I should have just started one, huh.


Well I am definitely getting my workouts in but since I have started them back up I am eating more because I am so hungry!! I have decided to not continue with STS right now because there will be days that I will not be able to get a workout in due to kids therapy, visitation, and doctors appointments. I am very please with what I have done so far, I got 4 days of workouts in last week, and I do feel better, I just wish I wasn't so hungry!!

buffettgirl - so sorry for the loss of your mother.

I need to get to work! Lots to do today!


I'm back from the Dr's office, they re-did the mammogram and had an ultrasound which I didn't know until after I had the mammogram which was a GOOD thing. The technician said this is standard procedure. Thank God everything is fine, the Dr said it was most likely skin overlapping skin making it look like something was there in 1 picture but not in the other which she said is a good sign to see something in 1 but not in both.

Robin - I am so sorry about the loss of your mom (((((hugs)))))!!

I forgot to post yesterday's workout, it was Cathe's Supersets, another one of my favorites.
This morning I did Jules Benson's Total Core Pilates and Cathe's Basic Step which I just love.

Have a great day everyone!!!!
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Cheryl- That is great news. :D

Robin- Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way. You have been through more than any human should have to in such a short time. I hope that you find comfort in your workouts and truly take care of yourself. <3 <3 <3

STS Meso 2 Week 1 - Ch, Sh, Tris done today. Back off sets...whew! I had forgotten about those! Everything was shaking today. I was so happy to see how much strength I've gained since last year. Almost all of my weights increased. :cool:

Funny how it's warming up everywhere else, but here in the desert it's been chilly. I'm not complaining though, 'cause we only have about 5mins of spring then it's summer.

So glad were keeping this thread going. I'm still struggling with my diet. Better, but no where near clean.

See ya tomorrow.


Hi everyone!

I have been doing well with workouts. Still keeping it mostly low impact but the intensity is definitely there. Tonight was the final weigh in for a biggest loser competition I have been in. It was a 12 week challenge - I won with a 14.5 lb loss and a 4.8% decrease in body fat. I was very excited, all this hard work does pay off :D

Cheryl - great news! glad to hear everything turned out ok!

Robin - my condolences. Losing a parent is tough regardless of their health. ((((hugs)))) to you!

Have a great evening everyone and great workouts tomorrow!


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