@forum admin....need instructions

aqua girl

It's about time to update expiration date on my card used for OnDemand. Only the date....last time I had to do this, I had a terrible mess,
Account was locked, didn't work, got charged twice, and Bob (thank goodness for Bob) had to get it straightened out and get the credit, etc.
Could you please give me instructions on what to do, step by step, to get this done smoothly....thanks.


Staff member
Hi aqua girl,

How Can I Change my Cathe Live or Cathe OnDemand Subscription Payment Information?
You can change your payment information for your Cathe Live or OnDemand subscription at anytime after signing in by clicking the “My Account” link at https://cathe.com/stream/. Then select “view” button in “Recent Orders”. Then select the “view” button again in "related subscriptions" and then select the "change payment method" button and fill in the information for PayPal or your new credit card.

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