fits of homicidal rage...

I'm even more anti-social than that: there's no way I am ever in view from the outside: I only have my shades open when it's darker inside than out (unlike my neighbor, who seems like a bit of an exhibitionist to me: she'll be sitting on her sofa watching TV after dark, with her big bay window shades wide open. Can I admit I was so curious once that I backed into a light pole while driving by :eek:: I live in a dead-end, and back in to get into my driveway for easy exiting) and if there were a window in my door, I'd cover it immediately.

I'm always creeped out by movies or shows that have someone walking around inside their house with the shades up, so others can see them. I feel like yelling "close your freakin' shades, you idiot!"

I'm the same way. My friend up the street always had her blinds open and at night you could see everything in her house. I told her that I didn't think it was wise and that maybe she should shut her blinds/curtains at night and she said, "Well, if someone was in here attacking me, then someone would be able to see it if the blinds were open." :confused: Duh???? I replied that maybe no one would be in there attacking her if they didn't see everything she was doing!! It took awhile, but I finally got her to close the blinds!!:)

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