fitness and conception help!


Hi All
Im not sure where to post this so Im hoping I can get some feedback here.
I have been working out strong for 10+ years. Currently I am doing a P90X/INSANITY hybrid.

I have done several rounds of insanity before - NOW my hubby and I recently decided we want to try to conceive and Im wondering if doing INsanity can prevent conception OR even cause miscarriage in early pregnancy.

I know they say dont ride rollercoasters if you are or COULD BE pregnant and I dont want to do anything that could prevent or hurt a potential pregnancy.

I already discussed with my OB and she said I CAN keep up working out once I am pregnant, as long as I modify and am smart about it. No jumping, etc.
But what about preconception, can being athletic prevent you from becoming pregnant?
and what if I dont know im pregnant yet? like say im just 1 - 4 weeks pregnant, could doing insanity hurt the pregnancy?

any thoughts??????

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