Fit Tower™ Update - 6-26-17


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As we mentioned previously all pre-sale Fit Tower™ DVDs were shipped on Friday (June 23,2017), so most USA customers should receive their orders over the next several days. International customer orders will take longer.

All Fit Tower™ workouts are now available in our apps and online using your web browser. In your responses it would be helpful if you can let us know if your viewing using our apps,Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Tablet or the web. This way we confirm that the new workouts are all working correctly on all platforms.

The Fit Tower™ workouts have also been added to the Workout Manager. You may need to clear your cache and refresh your browser to see the video cover images.

Lastly, now that the streaming video database is done we will begin flowing the information into our Fit Tower™ User's Guide. We hope to have this up within the next few days.

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