Fit Tower™ Project Update - 5-30-17


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Today (5-30-17) we wanted to give everyone another project update on the Fit Towe™ DVDs. We're happy to say we finished the authoring and proofing of all three Fit Tower™ DVDs a few days ago. We also spent the weekend working on the vocal to ratio music levels for each video. This is difficult to do because not everyone uses the same system or TV, computer,mobile device,etc., and some of you have systems with speakers and surround sound and some of you just use the internal speakers on your TV or device. This final tweak should be done today or tomorrow and masters will then be sent to the duplicator. However, we will not be able to give you a ship date until we have approved check discs and the duplicator has finished and shipped the DVDs to us. This will take several weeks.

Lastly, we know everyone is excited to see video clips and that should happen perhaps end of this week, but more than likely next week. As things develop we will update you on when we think shipping will begin. Thanks for your patience. We're excited to bring you these three new Cathe videos!

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