Fit for T-Day...Friday


I'm up early so I figured I'd start...

I'll answer this question from yesterday from my fellow Lisa:

Hello Fellow Lisa, out of curiosity, were YOU able to get through grade school without having at least one if not more girls named "Lisa" in your class, such that your name became "Lisa" plus the initial of your last name? Were you ever teased about the Pauly Shore quote about "Lisa's"? Just having a flashback! I myself need/want lots of carbs, and could live on thick slabs of buttered toast alone. It sounds like you have a good plan though. I will not utter the "C" word. That rhymes with fake.

There was ALWAYS another Lisa. And we were always Lisa K., or Lisa J., or whatever. And yes, I have frequently been serenaded as "Lisa Lisa, the one I adore" or "Mona Lisa", and asked "What happened to the Cult Jam?". Later, I had a good friend who was also a Lisa, and we started calling each other by our last names. People still call me by my last name!

My SIL's sister is also a Lisa, so my little nephew has 2 Aunt Lisas. Nobody likes the other one (and I mean nobody), so I'm "Good Lisa" and she's..."Bad Lisa". Since I have dogs, and my nephew LOVES dogs, I am also known as "Puppy Lisa", which I like much better.

Back to business!

Today's workout...kettlebells! Of course!
Eating yesterday got a wee bit off track when I discovered a piece of forgotten dark chocolate while hunting for dog biscuits. But it fit into my budget.:p


Oh, LisaS! I feel for you! lol But I've not experienced that first hand! There was NO OTHER Gayle (by any spelling) when I was growing up. Now that I'm PTA Pres and meeting all kinds of new people, I know 4 others, but with different spellings. My parents named me after Crystal Gayle! LOL

NO FREE CARBS FRIDAY! That's what I'm naming today! LOL

I actually called off work. I lost my voice mid-day on Wed and yesterday is was completely gone. Today...phlegm! yucko! BUT......I got my workout in and I'm simply using this MINOR cold as an excuse to call off! LOL Don't tell anybody! I figure with my day off Monday also (going to Cathe's gym), it's a nice 4-day weekend for me! LOL LOVE IT!

My workout this morning was Leaner Legs. LOVE that one. It's one of my faves...then again, ALL my Cathe's are my faves, aren't they?

I'm hosting 8 boys tonight for my younger DS's sleepover BDay party. They're coming at 6pm. We're making ice cream sundaes (instead of FAKE with a C, lol). Then presents and some play time (DS doesn't want any games), then I'm plugging in The 3 Stooges for them to settle down. I'm hoping it won't be a late night, but we'll see. I'll probably wake them all up super early, when they hear me just below them in the basement on the Treadmill doing CCPP. lol

ANYWAY...sorry to ramble. off today....think I'm going to get some Christmas shopping done. I've got a good list going and I'd LOVE to get it done with early!!!


Keep on truckin'!


Good morning ladies! I had a great workout this morning. I did Cathe Friedrich's High Step Challenge. I haven't done this workout in over a year and boy did it kick my butt. I'm going to the keys today for the weekend:) I'm looking forward to the down time. Hope you ladies have a nice weekend.


Hey guys,

Kariev I hope you have an awesome weekend in the keys oh to be in the sun :)

Gayle you secret is safe with us! you need t o save your voice for Monday anyways ;) no free carb??? you are trying to kill me lol :) great w/o i did 1/2 of bm2 double upper body and a kickboxing class. I might use today as a rest day because I sleepy. It would be so nice to not have to go to work. The sleepover sounds fun!!! I can't believe that you are started xmas shopping lol makes me start to think of what I should be getting for everyone.

Afreet- Good for you for staying in the alotted amount and yum to the chocolate esp since within ur points. Great w/o too!

I am planning a surprise bday party for anthony's 30th this december. i need to come up with some games if anyone has suggestions I have tony trivia and thats it so far.


Good morning ladies,

I felt the need to come early today and confess.
I blew it last night. DH brought me a blizzard!!! He knows how much I love them.
Anyway, we had a talk and I'm pretty sure he knows not to bring anything else home for me unless I request and plan for it. :p

Good luck with the sleepover Gayle. I remember those days. :D Don't count on getting much sleep with 8 boys there. ;)

I wish I could go the the Keys for the weekend.

Be back later after I get a w/o in! Y'all have a great day!


Good mornin,

Pugw, It's alright, today is another fresh new day. I'm glad you talked with your hubby. This will be much easier for you now. Every now and then, it's OK to have a blizzard. Once a month is a good plan.

Eriniski, no suggestions for a game, but have a wonderful party for Anthony. Enjoy yourself.

Kariev, The High Step Challenge, wow, good for you! Have a great time at the Keys. I haven't been there for over 10 years.

Gayle, sorry about your cold, but I'm glad you are able to workout with Cathe this Monday. Have a great 4 day weekend, you deserve it.

Lisa, I didn't think that name was so common. Hey, enjoy your kettleball workout. I have a niece named Lisa, love her to pieces so anyone with that name sounds good to me.

EDTED: I forgot to tell you, I'm on disk 3 in finding my 1RM. YAY! 38 more to go.

Take care everyone, hope someone will be here this weekend,

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I'm back! :eek:

I just wanted to report that I did CC-6 on the TM. I think that this is one of my favorites. I forgot who asked yesterday but I do have CCPP and I also like it. I don't know why I don't do these more often. I always feel so good after I complete one. I start having visions of grandeur about halfway through, seeing myself as a mighty endurance runner. :eek: ( I am so not a runner.)

Janie, I should be around this weekend. We don't have anything planned.

I really do need to get off this computer now and get some things done. If I keep telling myself this, I might actually do it. ;)


Hellllloooo Everyone,

So nice to hear how everyone's doing.

Thank you for the sweet words of encouragement, it means a lot and I thank you. Also, I think I'm going to get Cathe's wedding video workout. You meez is the best one yet, she looks so sweet, but is holding a bolt of lightning and peering earthward mischeviously :D. I'll be here this weekend, it's a weekend for organizing my life and cleaning. I did a lot of listmaking last night, and now have to execute.

Fellow Lisa (Can I call you Puppy Lisa :D? You did eat chocolate out of the dog biscuit box lmao!), I am so glad to hear of our common experiences! Way to go with your workout AND clean eating today, definitely a triumph. I did not do any workout today:(. I DID casually turn down FCs today though, in the form of homemade chocolate *ake. You can call me whatever Lisa you want, but don't call me eating FC on Friday! Just "Sitting on My Bahookie" Lisa ...

I hope you feel better. I'm in awe of you having a birthday party sleepover for 8 boys! My kids' birthdays are one day apart (be careful what you wish for), and having their parties really stresses me out! I would almost rather re-experience their labor than do back-to-back parties, but hopefully I'll get over it. I've hidden I well the past 6 years lol! Make sure and get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and stop working out because you are making the healthy ones look bad! Talk to you soon...

What is high step challenge like? I actually bought this one recently, but haven't used it because I haven't bought a high step yet. Do you need to have one to do it? Have fun in the Keys!

What a great idea to have a surprise party for your husband! All of you giving women throwing parties for others! I have never thrown a surprise party for anyone, but I'm thinking about it for my DH's 40 next year. My in-laws, who are in their late 70s, always regale us with stories of their youth, they grew up in Australia, and they talked about a surprise party someone had where they invited 6 or 7 couples, and each couple picked a suitcase, and the rules were you had to go open the suitcase and put on whatever clothes were in it. They had a wide assortment of costumes and wigs. It might be a good Halloween idea! Anyway, it sounds strange, but to hear them tell it, it was crazy and fun. I'm sure there was alcohol involved though! My MIL, who is also the queen of wonderful surprises, threw a surprise party for my FIL's 70th birthday, and days before the party, she got a video camera, and interviewed his closest friends, kind of a "what has he meant to you" but lighter, and he almost cried when he saw it, and he is not a cryer. Anyway, let us know what you end up doing. Good job for doing 2 workouts!

Your smiley's are ADORABLE! Where do you get them! I have been doing CC with running outside since the weather is finally gorgeous here, do you use a heart monitor?

I went to the grocery store and stocked up on Core foods for WW, and even cleaned and organized the pantry, and then my husband had defrosted chicken nuggets for the kids, and I ate six of them because I was so tired! Oh well, 10 lbs, gone. I did dig out my rice cooker (A wedding gift 10 years ago that I have never used) and am going to google the instructions and use it tonight! I usually get the Uncle Ben's microwaveable kind, and because I am dense as hell, thought it was the same as regular brown rice, and after comparing nutrition info, the Uncle Bens is twice the calories and full of fat. Blast! Now I will be steaming rice. I am also going to make some homemade soups, lentil and split pea. Love cooking! Can't wait to workout tomorrow, it will be Imax 2!

Have a great weekend all!


Hey all!

I just got done with my workout and sitting here dreading the weekend ~ I'll be around as well, so hopefully you all can keep me sane... I will have to do laundry and clean house... I have to go to Dallas (actually Frisco) monday for work for another 4 days away! Guess I am blessed that I have the flexibility to travel, but it sucks that I have to go alone!

I did a TaeBo workout tonite for cardio... I have forgotten how much I dislike those... I love the pep and energy of Billy Blanks, but I can't stand the intense speed at which he makes you move. I feel like I am just flailing around like a fish outta water and do not use good form! if there was only some way to slow it down I'd be set! I certainly do work up a sweat though! That and the fact that he can never manage to keep the same count from one side to the other and one side always gets an extra 8 count or more! Guess I need to invest in a few more cardio workouts...

Anyway, looks like batting clean-up again tonite, so here goes:

Good/puppy Lisa: There were NEVER any "Danette's" in my past so I was safe from the last name and such... I have only met 3 others in my life!!! no one could ever say it either, so I shorted it to Dani in college! Good for you on the KB workout! AND you managed to have chocolate AND stayed within your limits??? good job!!!

Gayle: hope you find your voice soon! do you remember where you lost it? HA! sorry, couldn't help it... OMG on the 8 boys and a party! you are one brave woman! I cringe when the dog barks a few times, let alone having a bunch of little ones running around! Hope you can find your sanity in the morning as well!

Kariev: Have a wonderful time in the Keys! That's my DH's favorite place to fish (Marathon) We went down there a few years ago for a week and had a BLAST!!!

Eriniski: I am also planning a surprise 50th B-day party in December for my DH! He LOVES peppers and all things Mexican, so I think we are having a mexican theme, at an Irish Pub! HA! we have a favorite restaurant called "Three Angry Wives" that we frequent every weekend for one mean or another and they reserve their dining room that is separate from the bar! We will have to trade secrets and ideas! AND just so you know... I didn't get my veggies in yesterday either :( I start out the morning OK, but then it goes down hill from there. I had yogurt and a Special K breakfast bar this morning, started to have a tuna sandwich for lunch, but they put all kinds of ICKY stuff in the mix, so I sent it back for a Cobb Salad, but it wasn't very good either (new place and won't go back) so I am starvin' marvin' right now... DH bought a rotissary (sp) chicken so will be munching on that shortly...

Rhondalyn: I can totally relate with your DH situation! My DH is all about supporting my weight loss and exercise routine, but still manages to bring home stuff to sabatoge and derail me... :( He means well, just like me, doesn't think about it until it's already on the counter... OOps! He doesn't mean to, but it really doesn't help... Good job on the CC workout! I have resisted getting into CC because I can't manage to get on the treadmill lately... DH does it when I am ready to do MY workout... but honestly, I tried the free download (I think it was the CCPP weekend one) but I couldn't get into it...

Janie: hope you are doing better... any update from your Dr? Sounds like you are staying in the swing of things and working out! and I am SO impressed that you have done SO many 1RM tests!!! I have done exactly ONE! I don't know what all the exercises are, but I guess I need to get on them or I'm going to be behind the 8 ball when STS comes!!!

SMB Lisa :) I am IMPRESSED by your shopping and focusing on the Core WW items! Good Job!!! I am still trying to get back into WW... I lost about 15 lbs about 3 years ago with WW, but was when DH was gone for summers and I didn't have anything else to do with myself! I had just rejoined the Online WW about 6 weeks ago, and have NOT been back since... I might as well BURN my money cuz apparently paying for something does not guarantee USING it!!! LOL on the rice thing! I had NO idea about the instant rice stuff being SO much worse than the slow cook rice! guess I better pick up a rice cooker... my step-monster I mean, step-mother was Hawaiian, so we always had rice (and spam on occasion - my fav!!!) Have fun with IMAX2 :)

well, ladies, I'm starving so will check in tomorrow!!!

hmmm... haven't seen a good quote today, but promise I'll find one for tomorrow (in between laundry cycles!)



I'm invited to stay with my kids this weekend. Will be seeing and sitting for my grandson.

Sorry I can't join you, I bet next weekend I can though. I don't see any plans except maybe hardcore workouts.

Until Monday evening then,


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