Fit & Fabulous Workout Warriors

Hi, my name is Nora. I thought I'd try and start a new check in thread everyone is welcome. So here it goes..

I just finished today's workout after getting a late start, but I did it and its Friday so its all good.

Here's today's workout:

Cardio Coach Vol.4- W.up,SS1, Ch.1, Ch.2, SS2, CH.3,CD,Stretch, CN+ 5 I Pod songs= 67 Min
MV= 9.30
CB= 851
Distance= 6.31 Miles

KCM-30MTF- Cardio Pump- Workout #2 Pyramid= 33 Min
Used #10, #12,#15, and 1 #20 db. Love this workout its fun, challenging and time efficient.

I hope other fitness friends join this thread. Either way have a fun workout, feel awesome and have a blessed day!:)

Good morning!

I just finished today's workout and will now check in.

Here's today's workout:

Leslie Sansone- Tone Every Zone Walk- Circuit 1- Upper Body Walk= 22 Min

KCM 30MTF- Step Boxing 2- Cardio Dumbell Drills Intervaled= 23 Min

Insanity Max 30- Sweat Fest= 30 Min

Rockout Knockout- Timesaver #2= 37 Min
MV= 9.10
CB= 460

That's it for me today and I will be resting tomorrow so no check in. Have fun workouts and a blessed day/weekend.

Hugs & Blessings,

Hi Nora! I’m not sure I’m Fit and Fabulous but I try my best everyday! Holy smokes you accomplish a lot. How much time do you spend working out everyday? I’m typically an hour. Today I revisited Yvette Bachman on YouTube and did her latest Cardio Kickboxing with no equipment. It was an excellent cardio workout. I’m feeling it in my lower body. I haven’t done anything of hers for a few months so this was awesome!

Thanks for starting the check in. I’m glad to be here.
Hey Nora & Peg, mind if I join in too?

Yes, Nora, you do get in a lot of great workouts...I see you do Kelly's workouts too,
I really like her a lot..yesterday besides short workouts on my rower and
Elliptical, I did a premix from her latest, RX Sculpting and also a premix from
Her Stepboxing 2 ( second workout). Today I got in a premix from the 1st workout
On Stepboxing 2. I like a lot of Leslie's workouts too, been with her for many,
Many years...& of course love Cathe. I tend to do shorter workouts, cause I gotta
Have variety!

Anyway, glad to join in, might not be everyday, but I'll try. Hope you both have a
Great rest of your weekend.
Good morning!

I hope everyone had a restful weekend. I just finished today's workout and will now check in.

Here's today's workout:

Jessica Smith- 5 Mix & Match Miles- Waistline Work= 16 Min

XTrain-D1- Chest,Back & Shoulders= 51 Min
MV= 6.50
CB= 453

XTrain-D9- Tabatacise= 45 Min
MV= 10.0
CB= 614

tlc93- Hi Peg welcome, thanks for check in. I'm working on getting fit and fabulous its a work in progress but its worth it. I have MS and need to fight to keep my mobility so since I was diagnosed in 2006 I have had to fight to get back the ground I lost mobility, strength, dexterity and balance. All of which are still a work in progress so that is why I workout like I do. Plus it helps with stress and keeping a positive attitude.
I tend to workout about an hour and a half a day I try to cut it shorter,but sometimes I can't. So if I have a shorter workout then it balances out so its all good. Oh I do love Cardio Kickboxing most definitely. I own a good size video fitness library but the ones I reach for the most are as follows: Cathe, Jessica Smith, Leslie Sansone,Kelly Coffey Meyer, Beach Body. Others include Jillian Michaels, Mike Donavanik, Linda Wooldridge and a few others as well. I always love how great I feel after a workout, so amazing. Most of all I have fun working out and feel like something is really wrong if I take a rest week, it just throws me off. I do try to take a few days off here and there. Mainly I workout typically 6 days a week. So I say if your feeling good and having fun its all good.
I'm so happy you joined the check in. Great job on your workout with Cardio Kickboxing, that is awesome stuff, you go girl. See ya at next check in.

aqua girl- Oh wow, you have an elliptical,and rower I'm so jealous. That is awesome, those are nice pieces of equipment to have and make the workouts fun and mix things up. I have a treadmill and upright stationary bike. I use the treadmill 3 times a week. The bike I use just not very often because the bike seat kills my rear end, LOL!! Yes, I have Kelly's latest editions with RX Sculpting and Step Boxing 2. They are both fun workouts and I always love the variety of premixes, love it! I've been doing Leslie off and on since I first saw her on QVC. I like shorter workouts too but I tend to do like 3 30 minute workouts and stack them up. I like the variety shorter and longer workouts time wise. I do try to shorten my workouts but its hard sometimes trying to fit it all in: Cardio, Cardio High Intensity, Low Impact, and Weights.
Thank you for checking in on the thread, so happy to have you along. Have a great workout and blessed day.

Take care,

Happy Monday girls! Hope your day is good.....
Nora, I have a treadmill, bike, and skier as well, and love to use my equipment,
I try to do them on a rotating basis, in between Cardio & weights workouts, some
Times there just isn't enough time in a day! I like Jessica too, but find I don't do
Hers quite as often.
It sounds like you know how to keep yourself going and in great shape. Way to
Go! And I know Peg is a "workout warrior" :)

I Think today will be a rest day for me, we'll see....
You all be happy & good!
BTW: my name is Linda.....
See ya'
Hi peeps! Today was Cathes Power hour. It’s an older one but I just got it. Pretty straight forward stuff. Nora I used to workout for at least an hour every morning then get on the treadmill or do another workout in the evening on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I started to absolutely burn myself out. Now I just stick to my mornings and do longer workouts on weekends. I do mostly advanced stuff but appreciate intermediate stuff more and more. Good for you for doing as much as you do. You know your body and what it needs. That’s half the battle and you sound like you’re doing great. Linda thanks for the compliment!!! That was very sweet. You’re a warrior too girl! You give yourself so much variety, it’s enviable. Yes, I’m 5’4” of Fierce! Menopause is affecting my middle bits but I am still pretty lean. I love working out to the point of sweat dripping everywhere and feeling pleasantly fatigued and worked!!

Have a great night!
That's funny Peg...I am 5'4" too, but I don't know if I am Fierce...I know I have alot
Of "mouth" sometimes. :):). Anyway, I did end up doing a 30 MTF Muscle
Definition (Kelly's).

Have a good night!

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