Finishing Meso 2 this week - what next after Meso 3?


I start week 4 of Meso 2 tomorrow, so I know what's on my agenda for the next 6 weeks... but I'm trying to figure out what I want to do when I finish Meso 3 in October. OCTOBER?!?! Holy cow... I can't believe I'm planning for October already.

I'm really digging the increase in strength I'm seeing in myself (though I've still got puny little arms.... I'll never look like Cathe), so I want to make sure my next rotation capitalizes on what I've done for 3 months.

Do most people go back and do STS again right away, or move on to a different heavy rotation?


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I'm curious to see what kind of recommendations you receive. MidgetDogg! Like you, I'm in the tail-end of Meso 2 (and know what I'm doing through the end of October) but find myself wondering what I should do when I complete the 3-1/2 month rotation. Part of me is thinking I should just start over with Meso 1, but I've heard others mention Pyramid or GymStyle rotations.

In any case - good luck and happy workouts~ :)
I am at Meso 2 week 3 and am already starting to wonder about this question. If I do decide to start another round of STS, I am thinking I might skip Meso 1 for fear that I might lose my strength gains with all the body weight work, pushups etc...


I'm finishing up end of October also, round 3 of STS. What I'm planning is to plunge into Cathe's 4 new DVDs!!

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