Feeling it differently in Xtrain All Out Low Impact?


Hi Cathe, if you ever get to this!

I tried xTrain All Out Low Impact yesterday for the fist time.
I noticed something in the middle of the night when I woke up (not from soreness, just the usual waking up) I felt sore in a different way than usual, and it was both interesting and, I think, good. Usually when doing all that kind of stuff with the lower body, I feel it in the hamstrings and glutes, especially the part of the glute where it meets the hamstring. The best I can do to describe it, it feels like a very outer layer of the muscle, if that makes any sense? I never thought of it as such until last night, where I noticed that the hamstrings and that part of the glue weren't feeling it, but I did feel a decent amount of soreness (which I really liked, I admit, a 'good soreness') that felt deep, deep in the tissue of the glute, much deeper than where I usually feel it.

Am I crazy or can you, Cathe, or anyone else relate to this? And if so, what would be the cause? It was really my first real go at gliding discs, too, if that has any factor in it. I also, right now, 24 hours later almost, feel that same kind of interior soreness in the outer thighs.

I guess saying I may be going a bit insane is a perfectly acceptable reply too. :)
But I think this is very curious and interesting and I would love to know why this DVD made me feel this way!

(and just FYI, the previous day was a rest day).



I'm not Cathe....but I DO think Cathe is an expert at getting to those hard to reach muscles!!!! Form pointers during the wkout tell me where I should be feeling the burn and WOW! Also, using different equipment (sliding discs) confuses body making it work a bit harder. I would also say to make sure to give yourself a decent stretch.


I found that when I first started using the discs, I really felt it in my butt, deep in my butt. My husband even asked me about 2-3 weeks later if I was doing anything different because it looked like my butt lifted, in a good way. I think if you've never used the discs before, they really do add a new way to work out you butt. I like to do disc work at least once a week, sometimes with weights and sometime without.


Thanks firemedic and tlc93! I had a hunch it was the discs, and your responses seem to indicate that too. Oh, that's such good news about the butt lift! hehe. It'll be a while for me to get up with weights with the discs, I'm still clutzy with them. But they were fun!


Speaking of getting into the glute...yesterday I did some X10 and during the hi/low section with the lunge back hammer punch, I feel like I finally did that move the right way. I stepped back into a back lunge and really felt it get deep in the glute. Before, I used to step forward more and then punch down. I have no idea why it clicked yesterday...but my butt feels it today!


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