Fav live Class


Good Afternoon Cathletes,

So this question may have been asked before but since we just celebrated 200 awesome Cathe live classes just wanted to see what some of your favorites are.

For me pretty much all of the KB or boxing classes have been awesome. I also like alot of the total body workouts, although there are still many classes that I have yet to do.

I like Total Body Hiit, Get Steppin (the newer one), Quick fix cardio, the Triple Fits she has done, the Band Travel workout, the circuit workouts just to name a few.

I am so happy Cathe decided to broadcast her classes because you get a different feel than doing the DVDs. Don't get me wrong I will always love her DVDs and continue to do them, but I also like having that variety. :D

aqua girl

I like all of the circuit workouts, boot camp workouts, PHA workouts, Vertical Loading workouts, upper body ones,
Low impact ones, the 2 senior fitness classes, let's see, what else? :):)


I think I like the lower body focused ones best .....but I really enjoy pushing myself in that area anyway. I like that the lower body ones often have an extended warm-up. I also like anything that includes standing abs and tubing. The tubing really adds something for me!!
Total Body Barbell & Bands is a fave, as is Long & Sculpted Legs and Super Cuts with Cardio Blasts.
But, essentially, I am thrilled to have the library of choices. :) My uncoordinated self can even do many of the step portions!!


Oh dear, how does anyone pick a single favorite? I love cardio and Cathe has many of those. Like Elsie I also like to work my lower body- Booty Max, Oh my glutes & Oh my quads were excellent. Metabolic, circuit and kickboxing are all well represented in her library as well. Just have fun w/ it.


Just because so much has been covered, I just wanted to add - SO MANY OF THE CORE WORKOUTS! Holy moly, I struggle not to plop down during many of them!

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