Extreme Urban Rebounding dvds (13 dvds just filmed)

Denise R

Greg Twombly just filmed these and he answered my question as to the individuals involved in filming:

"we shot 13 new Extreme Urban Rebounding DVDs with Amy bento, Patrick Goudeau, Gay Gasper, Greg Sims, Keli Roberts and Greg Cook. JB Berns also shot a bonus workout."

My guess is the 6 leads each shot 2 workouts and JB shot the bonus, thus 13 workouts! (geez, I'm a math wiz and I've been up since 2am!)

I really like Gay, Amy, Kelly and Patrick---Yeah!



Wow! That looks interesting. I have never tried rebounding, but one of my knees has started to bother me and I have had to reduce or almost stop altogether my step workouts (sob sob! I LOVE to step), but these workouts look like they may be just the ticket. Thanks for the heads up, I will be keeping my eye out for these dvds for sure!
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I have all of the compilations too but haven't used them in awhile as some of those instructors leave much to be desired......I'm THRILLED with these instructors though!! Can you please keep us posted on a release date?? Thanks!:eek:

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