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I have a question about exercising after delivery and what you experienced. I worked out up until I delivered (intense workouts, I didn't phone into my workouts!) and I had an uncomplicated delivery, no tearing, nothing! I feel great, if a little sleep-deprived, haha!

Well, I feel fine until I workout. Then I feel weak. Especially during cardio sessions. Today, my HR got up in the 180's during The FIRM's Skills, Drills, and Thrills and this workout was easy for me when I was pregnant! I've also been getting really sick after workouts.

Is this normal after delivering? Or should I call a doctor to start testing my hormones and for deficiencies? I guess I'm just wondering what other new moms experienced when getting back to exercising. Thanks!


How long since baby was born? It take a good 3-6 weeks to rebuilt you strength, your body has been through a lot, it need to replenish blood loss that was taken by baby, just give your body time to heal. take it slow, listen to your body and most of all enjoy your baby!


I resumed working out 10 weekes after delivery. I had a serious after-delivery illness so had to take antibiotics for a long period and felt not very well. Anyway, I took it really easy because life in that period was pretty busy and challenging. I had to build strenght and stamina all over again, but the second time around was easier (I used to workout regularly before pregnancy but had to stop while pregnant, could only enjoy long long walks).Don't rush, don't be in a hurry: you'll recover from pregnancy more quickly than you think but listen to your body, have a check with your doctor, and above all, ENJOY THE MOMENT: this is such a beautiful, precious time of your life that you will not want to miss a single thing!


I agree 100% with EllieB. I had a c-section with my daughter (now 2 1/2) and so I could not really participate in exercise until about 16 weeks post-par tum. I gained 55lbs during my pregnancy (high risk) but with a lot of will and determination I lost all of it (and some!) and now in better shape than before my pregnancy. Don't rush the process, enjoy your child, eat healthy, listen to your body and savor each and every moment. You have the rest of your life to get into amazing shape, but only a short time to cherish your baby while they are small. Now mine is walking, talking (too much) and gives me a hard time. I ask myself, where did 2 1/2 years go? I long for those precious few months again.

What really helped me get back in shape was Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred. I did not know about Cathe back then. For 20 min, you blast calories and tone. I was so tired that 30 minutes in the day was all I had in me. And it's not too intense, you work up to level 2 and 3. I don't really do her workouts anymore, but I owe my weight loss and success to her. She is kick butt!

Congrats & Take care



Your body is doing a lot right now, so be patient with it!
You'll be weak and you'll feel that way. You lost a lot of blood and fluid during delivery, so some if it is that. Your blood pressure is regulating. So just be patient! You're also not sleeping, so keep that in mind! (Unless you've been blessed with one of those babies that sleeps the whole night through at the very beginning! LOL!).

Keep at it, you'll start to feel better pretty soon, and your strength will ramp back up in no time!

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