Equipment list for new Low Impact Series?


Can anyone point me to a list of what equipment will be used/needed for this new series? All I have at the moment is a step and 2 pairs of light hand weights.

The new series looks interesting... but I'm wondering how much equipment I would have to buy to use them..

Thanks in advance.... the pre-sale ends shortly so I need to make a decision soon....

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Equipment Needed for the Low Impact Series

The best place to find detailed information about the Low Impact series is in the "Newest Workout" section of our Blog. As we release information about each workout in the Blog we make sure to include a post which list all of the equipment you will need for that workout.

The Low Impact series really does not use a lot of equipment when compared to many of our other workouts. We will use our Slide N Glide discs in a lot of the videos, but as long as you pre-order by July 27th you will get a free set of SNG discs.


After checking into the presale info once again, I wasn't sure about the discs. One less thing to worry about. I did buy the tubing though.

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